News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, May 7, 2015

“There’s something different about how the sand is moving.”

  • What’s going on in Sea Bright? A section of beach, newly widened post-Sandy, is disappearing, eroding – fast.

    NJ Supreme Court hears oral arguments about the state’s payment to public worker pensions

  • This is the kind of headline and sub-hed GOP early primary voters are reading about Christie.
  • Justice Albin asks state attorney if administration’s approach to pension contributions is ‘some sort of bait and switch’.
  • NJ justices appear divided along partisan lines.
  • Rosenstein encouraged by high court hearing on pen/ben battle.
  • Weird N.J.: Christie’s pension battle.
  • AFT dogs Christie on pension failures – in radio & online ads.

    Former Jersey City police chief files suit against Mayor Fulop and Chief Shea

  • Claims he was asked to cover up officials’ DUI’s

    Bridgegate fallout

  • Bill Stepien picks up a showy new job.
  • David Wildstein & Bridget Kelly fail to respond to Bridgegate civil case.
  • You know you’ve been waiting for it: the criminal charges episode of The Christie Tracker Podcast.


  • Really? NJ treasurer defends Christie lottery deal despite missing revenue projection for 2 years.

  • Oliver bill responds to police killings in Ferguson, NYC.

  • Senate Dems call on Port Authority to fast track rail and terminal construction.

  • Cheerleading an official HS sport? Brian Stack says yes.


  • Exxon case: What’s at stake?

  • With the cheat already written in! Clean-energy diversions are already built into Christie’s budget.

  • More than 400 Campbell’s employees take a buyout, companywide. Campbell’s is based in Camden.

  • Stockton U OKs probe into casino purchase, proposed sale.


  • Op-ed: Here’s why our students won’t take the PARCC seriously: a teacher reports on his call to Steve Sweeney’s office.

  • Change at the top of teacher union leadership in Newark, as controversy roils over Cami Anderson.


  • Ledger editorial cheers LoBiondo for voting against the disastrous GOP budget.


  • Christie in NH – rest of the week.

    CD5 people – what are you doing tonight?

  • Because Rep. Scott Garrett is running his first ever town hall meeting tonight. Got questions for the worst member of the NJ congressional delegation?
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    1. lebleu

      ….Meanwhile, in New Brunswick, a town that did not suffer from flooding or wind damage as badly as Hoboken did, the Sandy money flowed quickly, and to a developer with close ties to Mayor James Cahill and US Senator Cory Booker.

      Samson’s firm served as bond counsel for part of the Boraie project’s financing, having been selected by the developer from among almost two dozens firms eligible to serve as bond counsel to the state’s Economic Development Agency. 

      Like Samson’s law firm, which removed the embattled partner’s last name as part of a re-branding last month, the building that received the Hurricane Sandy money also underwent a recent name change….

      On the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, this reporter asked Christie if he stood by his administration’s decision to give the $4.8 million to Boraie.

      “I don’t know the decision you’re talking about,” Christie said. “I don’t know what you’re talking about so I can’t give an answer.”

      “The Aspire” Received $4.8M in Sandy Relief Funds, Along With Over $60M in Government Loans, and Millions More in Tax Credits

      First, Christie never seems to know about any decisions made in the state. Second, whatever happened to the Feds investigation of Sandy funds? Samson has his claws in this too.


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