News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, May 29, 2015

Headline of the Day: George Pataki: Is he Chris Christie without the baggage?

Dump Cami Anderson, Newark’s fully-rejected School Superintendent

  • Braun: Mayor Ras Baraka, citing “chaos, graft, miseducation,” demands people take back Newark schools.

    Bridget Kelly’s defense lawyer wants the notes from Christie’s GWB investigators

  • Critchley: Interview notes either being withheld by Gov. Christie’s outside counsel or were inappropriately destroyed.


  • Animal abuse: Why Wal-Mart is more humane than Christie. (editorial)

  • Christie finalizes his slow-motion flip-flop on Common Core. Not a surprise. and it doesn’t include PARCC (which makes no sense). PARCC is Pearson, and NJ gave Pearson a $66 million tax credit subsidy to shift to Hoboken, with very minimal requirements to retain NJ jobs (Christie’s corporate welfare fails badly) and Christie has a disastrous record on edu-issues.

    Giving Christie a chance to suck up to Adelson and Menendez another platform for his position on Iran

  • Christie & Menendez honored as ‘champions of Israel’ at an event with Sheldon Adelson, hosted by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach & his World Values Network.


  • NJ faces a transportation funding crisis with no clear solution.
  • Why is everyone leaving Sussex County?

    Sandy – still

  • A look back at Christie’s ‘Sit down and shut up!’ moment as Christie prepares to visit there today.
  • Rolling protest to still-vacant houses: Sandy families want answers on the state’s repair delays, with 7,000 people still not able to go home.


  • NJ gun control bill promoted by Gabby Giffords to get hearing in Assembly.

    Paulsboro, “the epicenter of a dirty deal” for South Jersey residents

  • Deciminyan, at an event protesting the Exxon giveaway, has video.  
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    1. Jeff Selbst

      the ex-mayor of Peekskill (as I still think of him) can look into the mirror and see a POTUS staring back at him.  He was, as a governor, an ineffective non-entity. But I suppose it’s like buying a lottery ticket—you probably won’t win, but you certainly won’t if you don’t play.


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