News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday,, May 15, 2015

Obama to Camden on Monday

  • He’s coming to see the “national model” of pollcing the new Camden force is advertised as. He’s likely to get a very different story if he veers off the official presentation and talks to many of Camden’s residents. Or the ACLU.
  • LOL: Stile: With Obama coming, Christie to hit the road.


  • Christie is confused about American taxation.

  • Maybe this will gin up “enthusiasm.” Staffing up.

  • Spars with teacher.

  • Christie to Georgia.

  • A semi-sensible remark on immigration.

  • On pensions, puts himself between a rock & a hard place.

  • And tries to alienate union membership from leadership.

    While Christie flounders, What’s Next gets ready

  • Independent expenditure launched in support of Lesniak as proto-campaign ramps up.

  • Fulop, backed by pols and union leaders, denounces proposed transit fare hike, slams Christie.

    NJ Dems gather in AC

  • Dean anchors Murphy-dominant opening day of state Dems conf.

  • NJ Dems focus on future.


  • Assembly ‘vehemently’ condemns Christie’s Exxon deal.
  • Dems’ legislation seeks to address growing concerns over PARCC tests.
  • Assembly OKs bill limiting drone use by law enforcement.
  • Diversity training requirement for NJ police clears Assembly.
  • “Out of network”: State legislators tackle persistent problem of unexpected medical bills.


  • 2015 college grads, cartoonist Drew Sheneman feels your pain.

  • Ledger editorial: The Amtrak lesson: You must pay for safe infrastructure.

  • Well, this is embarrassing for Atlantic City.

  • Why were homeowners hit by Sandy left high-and-dry by insurers?

  • Are NJ’s tax breaks working? Back it up, skeptics say.

  • Higher ed funding way down, tuition way up.


  • Leonard Lance says he thought the Azerbaijan trip he took – secretly funded by the state-owned oil company, and now under investigation – was funded by the Council of Turkic American Associations, and he’ll be “furious” if he was misled.
  • Menendez Iran sanctions bill passes House without support of Scott Garrett.  
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      But try as he might he won’t be able to top Scott Walker in the minds of Republican voters.


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