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When you’ve spent a lifetime fighting to make New Jersey a better place for all its residents, what can you do to secure that legacy and encourage others to follow in your footsteps? Well, if you’re Senate Majority Leader (and progressive godmother) Loretta Weinberg, you can raise a little awareness and a lot of money to make it possible.

And, that’s exactly what she did at an event last night in Bergen County, raising over $100k for the Loretta Weinberg Legacy Fund at the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP). CAWP is a unit of the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers, whose self-described mission is “to promote greater knowledge and understanding about women’s participation in politics and government and to enhance women’s influence and leadership in public life.”

And let’s face it, few know more about women’s participation in politics and government or have had greater influence and leadership than Senator Weinberg, whose daughter Francine last night described her (as only a child can, with love) as “a modern day caped crusading change maker – part nag, part superhero.”  

A testament to Loretta’s impact was the diversity of attendees at the event, which included her family (daughter, son and nephew), her “adopted” family (Steven Goldstein), her Bergen County family (Chairman Lou Stellato, Asw. Valerie Huttle and Asm. Gordon Johnson), and politicos from both sides of the aisle (Senators Bob Gordon, Nia Gill, Ray Lesniak, Asm. Tom Giblin from the Democratic side; Asw. Holly Schepisi, fundraiser Gail Gordon from the Republican side).

Talking about the evolution of women in politics, Loretta told the audience about a flyer distributed back in 1922 by an assemblywoman announcing that she would be making donuts for the assemblymen to encourage them to attend a meeting with her the next day. Fast forward to present day, and Loretta noted that “neither Holly nor Nia nor Valerie nor I will be up late tonight frying donuts.” How far we’ve come, yet still so far to go. And Loretta is hoping to do her part to make sure young women have the opportunity to get there.

More information about Loretta and the Legacy Fund can be found here.

And you can donate to the fund here.

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