Christie: This morning in his comfort zone?

<< SPARTA (AP) 11:35 am: During his 137th Town Hall meeting in Sparta today, Gov. Chris Christie politely declined a request that he resign.>>

<< 12:40 am: Warriors in Sparta rise up: Christie got into a lengthy back-and-forth about the topic of [his promised payments to the state’s public worker pension system]. >>

After Bridgegate indictments, a battering at the Supreme Court, and declining poll numbers, this morning at 10:30 Christie is holding another Town Hall show. He is at the Sussex County Technical School at 105 North Church Road in Sparta in the land of rolling hills and countryside.

FIOS TV and other outlets sometimes run these shows live. He normally speaks first for about 30-40 minutes, so he is likely to start taking questions shortly after 11:00 am.

This should be Christie’s comfort zone. In the last congressional race in Sussex County Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R) won 8,366 to 3,375 and in Sparta by 3,692 to 1,456. (Another Representative in this county is arch-conservative Scott Garrett.) Gov. Christie in his re-election won Sussex County by 29,873 to 10,704, and Sparta by 4,431 to 1,496. In the last legislative elections (District 24) in Sussex County State Senator Steve Oroho (R) won 28,062 to 11,653, and his Republican Assembly colleagues, Alison McHose and Parker Space, trounced their opponents.

Nonetheless residents of Sparta, named after a city-state in ancient Greece known for fierce warriors, might display anger and raise unfriendly or awkward questions. Following Mary Pat Christie’s comment on CNN Wednesday, “Maybe the enthusiasm isn’t as crazy as it was,” even Republicans might ask whether he is leaning toward discontinuing his race. They might try to pin him down on some of his assertions about Pen/Ben. They might ask him how he can lead the nation if he hires aides who become indicted. Even a student might ask an embarrassing question, such as his stewardship of the environment. Most frequently individuals inquire about an issue specific to their own immediate concerns.

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  1. Bob h

    Republican leaders and funders come to realize that their field is insane, and call on him to get in because he is not insane, at least.  He should stay out and await a draft.

  2. marshwren

    on an announcement is in no small part driven by poor fund raising for his Super PAC (LMFAO, which, given his ‘good-fella/smart-ass’ persona, is most likely intentional).  Once he declares, he can only raise limited amounts for his own campaign, and be prohibited from stumping for the unlimited amounts that can go to LMFAO.

    In other news, Christie’s offered his opinion on a possible V-P running mate:

    It’s not April Fool’s again, is it?


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