The Supreme Court assumes jurisdiction over the Pen/Ben case

Suspense over the court’s decision regarding Pen/Ben has just been ratcheted up a notch. Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson had ruled in February that Christie broke the law when he reduced payment for the system in the current budget by $1.6 billion. She also ordered the governor and legislature to find a solution. Christie first appealed the ruling to the Appellate Court and more recently asked the N. J. Supreme Court to intervene.

Today the Supreme Court  announced it would assume jurisdiction over the case. It set May 6 for oral arguments. The Plaintiffs (unions and others) must present their briefs by April 20 and the Defendant (the State) must submit its brief in response by April 24.

There has been no apparent solution from the governor and the legislature working together. The governor argues the court erred and Democratic leadership wants the governor to make a full payment. With a decision in May there would only be a few weeks to remove $1.6 billion from the current budget if the court were to make such an order. Whether the legislature and governor could reach some compromise acceptable to the court is unclear.

What do you think the Supreme Court will rule?


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