QOTD: There are more insider Republicans that are waiting to defect…

Is New Jersey for Jeb instead of Chris? We learned recently that longtime Christie BFF and ally Joe Kyrillos is on Team Bush. Now Politicker has a story up today about a fundraiser being planned and organized by Republicans for Jeb Bush this coming June and check out this quote from the story:

“These are more insider Republicans that are waiting to defect to Jeb,” the source said. “At a potential kickoff fundraiser for Bush in June, you will see many familiar New Jersey faces stepping up to the plate and coming out to support him.”

Oh to be a fly on the wall for Team Christie these days as his past allies move on from him to make new friends.  

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  1. Hopeful

    Why back a loser?  

  2. Jeff Selbst

    Let’s see, shall we back the soon-to-be-indicted thug or the entitled rich putz with the toxic last name? Being Republican means having exciting choices.


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