News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Coming at Noon: Part 2 of our 7-week budget series:

Rethink the 2016 NJ Budget: The Cost of Budget Raids by Doug O’Malley

Why is Tough Guy @GovChristie Afraid of This Blogger?

  • Team Christie denies @Deciminyan’s OPRA request to find out who else he’s blocked from following his taxpayer-funded @GovChristie Twitter account, and the policy and procedure for how that happens.  

    If you believe Christie’s story that his “trusting nature” and tendency to “delegate” is the reason Bridgegate happened …

  • … we’ve got a Bridge to sell you. Also? SNAPS to the person who shouted out “You were U.S. attorney!”

    Menendez fallout:

  • Melgen indicted on 76 counts.

  • Menendez pushes Iran sanctions bill despite stepping down as Ranking Dem on Senate Foreign Relations after indictment.

  • Booker supports Iran sanctions bill co-sponsored by Menendez.

  • Phil Murphy not interested in running for Senate if Menendez goes.

    Christie in NewHampshireLand

  • Christie’s NH agenda this week.

  • ‘I wasn’t ready’ to run for president in 2012 but I am now.

  • Pascrell: Christie’s plan to reform Social Security ‘couldn’t be more wrong.’

  • Trying to recapture GOP attention, Christie goes after Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid.

    Major, major headlineFAIL for PolitickerNJ

  • Politicker seems to think if indictments come – for Christie’s closest advisors, Port Authority henchmen and campaign chiefs – that it somehow means vindication for Christie.

  • Christie: Decision whether to run has nothing to do with GWB probe.

    See Hillary Clinton’s go-to Dems in NJ

  • You know them all (photos).


  • 5 years after Christie’s family-planning funding cuts debate continues, and it’s even more complicated to assess impact on low-income women.

  • Very interesting idea comes out of Essex County,  free college tuition for volunteer EMTs and firefighters.

    Great news on a Wednesday

  • OK nerds, check out NJ Spotlight’s new Christie poll page.

  • 9 days. 25 miles NYC-D.C.. Against police injustices.

  • After federal court upholds NJ’s ban on ‘gay conversion therapy torturing young gay people, Congress calls for similar laws.

  • Fight for $15 – today, everywhere.
  • 8 members of the NJ congressional delegation join with lawmakers from NY & PA introducing legislation in both House & Senate seeking federal funding to improve the Delaware River Basin.

    Really bad news on a Wednesday

  • The U.S. Constitution and Supreme Court indeed baffle many adults in New Jersey, say two Stockton U professors.    
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    1. carolh

      Ferriero’s best bud and law firm partner Scarinci who allegedly delivered the “scorched earth” threat mentioned in Ferriero’s trial testimony sounds terrified today.…  That is why I absolutely cannot take Politicker seriously (except for Jay, who I adore, of course). They are allowing Scarinci a forum to try to make it sound like Ferriero was just a swell trying to make a living – forget that he could make or break any political campaign in the state when he was in power.


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