Memo to the DNC: Calm the f**k down.

Here’s the subject field of an email I got last night from the DNC:

Screen shot from DNC email

Inside was this gigantic poster-like image, which is – no kidding – too large to get all of it into a screenshot, even after shrinking my screen down as far as it goes. First of all, notice who doesn’t make their cut for Republican manly-manly men who wanna mess with Hillary – one Chris Christie. Now, the rest of the graphic – it’s lurking in your Inbox, too – informs you these guyz are gonna do whatever they can to make sure “a Democrat” isn’t the 45th President of the United States. But unless you’re dense, you know they don’t mean “a Democrat”, they mean her.

I get it. No other serious Dem contenders are in the game – yet. Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders, Jim Webb, Lincoln Chaffee – all just mulling. Just like HRC was about 48 hours ago. Ditto Biden. But given the giddiness, the veritable fainting couch moment the DNC is having right now for Hillary Clinton, does anybody really believe any other candidate will get this kind of hoopla? This kind of fanboy/girl wet-lipped anticipation?

The DNC chair, and staff – per DNC bylaws – are supposed to exercise impartiality and evenhandedness between presidential candidates & campaigns during the nominating process (Article 5, Section 4).

We may be too early in the process for Blue Jersey to formally suggest DNC is stacking the deck for Clinton, like NJDSC did in 2008. But it’s not too early to point out the danger of jumping the shark, before the shark even wins Iowa. DNC needs to settle down.

Ginormous poster-like DNC graphic, on jump page.

Screen shot from DNC email for Hillary Clinton

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  1. carolh

    last time to open an HQ not at the BCDO.  They were Hillary all the way and not very shy about it.  

  2. Hopeful

    I haven’t opened one of their emails in a long time. But now I see that they all have those huge poster images.

    So then I opened an email from De La Soul (I’m on their list too) and it’s huge images too!

    I knew that social media can be mainly images, I didn’t realize that’s how email is now.

  3. CreedPogue

    There isn’t another declared candidate.  There are a few who are still thinking about it.  Not being coy about it but are still thinking about whether they will run or not.  So, should the DNC just twiddle their thumbs until someone else enters to appease the very few Democrats who won’t support Hillary if she is the nominee?


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