Joe Ferriero found guilty again

Joe Ferriero, former Bergen County Democratic Chair, was found guilty today of racketeering, wire fraud and bribery-related charges. He was acquitted in Newark Federal Court on two other counts – conspiracy to promote bribery and mail fraud.

He has been credited with engineering the resurgence of his party in Bergen County. However, in 2008 he was indicted in federal court on eight mail fraud counts. He was found guilty on three counts and sentenced to prison. In 2010 he was released when a judge vacated the decision. He was indicted again in 2013 and has just been found guilty. Sentencing has been set for July 27.

New Jersey’s history is replete with party bosses, from Republican Enoch L. Johnson (aka HBO’s Enoch “Nucky” Thompson) who controlled Atlantic City during prohibition to Democrat George Norcross whose influence today stretches from Camden to the governor’s office and beyond. These individuals have become a part of New Jersey’s fabric – often bending politics and business to their will.

Ferriero’s prosecution was conducted under the direction of Paul Fishman, United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey. With this trial now completed successfully, we may soon hear more from Mr. Fishman on indictments of other big fish.

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  1. Joebluejersey11

    Thats it?  The political clubhouse of Chris Christie cult members, the US AG again LOST the biggest larges charges against Ferrerio, you know the one where allegedly every member of the BCDO, including the state senators and assmblymembers were involved in some ilky deal to try to rig the votes to support the job producing Meadowlands Mall

    The same one where allegations that nearly every BCDO was marked as corrupt. And now nearly 5 years later it turns out they were clean….

    Ferrerio currenlty lost the much smaller cases regarding a few handful of  towns awarding some internet company C3 small contracts, ,, chump change. small potatoes.

    Every lawyer knows that the conviction will be turned over on appeal because a Party Chairman isn’t elected by the people.

    and here it is….

    its only a matter of time, before the majority realize that our beloved bridgegate Governor used the US Attorneys office to destroy his political opponents just like they do in some of the finer third world countries.

  2. carolh

    The ONLY good thing Christie ever did. You sound like you ARE Joe Ferriero or one of his friends. Racketeering, bribery and wire fraud could send him away for 45 years. So how did Ferriero win? Good government won today. BTW, it was Fishman that prosecuted this trial, not Christie. I hope to God you aren’t an elected official, not knowing that racketeering is illegal is a problem.


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