In what world do indictments in Bridgegate equal vindication for Christie?

If reports are right, there could be indictments this week (or just about any week) in the Bridgegate investigation. But I just can’t get past this headline today over at PolitickerNJ, because the majority of people will never read the story, they will just see this:

For Christie, indictments in Bridgegate investigation could mean vindication

This is exactly what Team Christie is hoping for and counting on. Check it out: If you Google Christie and Indictments, look at the 3rd news story currently:

Seriously. In what world is potential indictment and perp walk of your closest advisors, Port Authority henchmen and campaign chiefs vindication? If they’re indicted, it will be for work they did for a seated Governor launching a campaign for president. If they’re indicted, it will be for carrying out the business they had reason to believe Gov. Christie wanted, even if he says – repeatedly – he wasn’t aware of any of it? Is that how far the bar has been lowered now?

“Vindication.” Just wow.  

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Don’t blame me, blamed the felons that work for me.

  2. marshwren

    there’s guilt by association, there’s innocence by cognitive dissonance…actually, it sounds like something Frank “Death Panels” Luntz would think up.

  3. CreedPogue

    Cahill lost the primary in 1973 in large part because people around him were indicted and convicted of various crimes.  

    But, the mindset is also indicative of the hypocrisy where anything with Hillary is terrible but Bush can use private email and Christie can have associates with problems and they are “fine.”


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