Congratulations to WNYC’s team and reporters Andrea Bernstein & Matt Katz, Peabody Award winners

This week, WNYC & New Jersey Public Radio won a Peabody Award for their reporting of how Gov. Chris Christie and his administration exercise power in New Jersey. Their submitted work, spanning a year, was filed under the heading of White House Ambitions and the Abuse of Power. Big congrats to them for honor well-earned. Andrea Bernstein and Matt Katz, the reporters. Nancy Solomon, managing editor NJ Public Radio. Jim Schachter, WNYC’s VP for News.

On the jump, I’ll link what they won for. Here’s why you should see them:

(1) Got cousins in New Hampshire? Iowa? Send them this.

(2) The cover-up is always worse than the crime: Whether crime occurred, or more directly whether the Governor or those to report to him and did his bidding have left themselves open to prosecution, remains to be seen. But what is clear in the reminder these posts are, is the lengths to which the administration went (and is going) to muddy the waters. Anyone with a belief Chris Christie’s operation is accountable or transparent, should rethink that after clicking through the links below.

(3) It’s all simply great reporting, and a pleasure to read.

Along with the Peabody-winning links below, is a shout-out to the New Jerseyan who won a Pulitzer Prize yesterday (albeit for work at an NYC media outlet):  

Peabody Award-winning WNYC and New Jersey Radio

for their series White House Ambitions and the Abuse of Power:

1-8-2014  Emails Tie Top Christie Aides to GW Bridge Scandal

1-13-2014  Who Knew What, When?

1-16-2014  How Christie’s Men Turned the Port Authority into a Political Piggy Bank

1-23-2014  Under Christie, Business Booms for Port Authority’s Chief

2-3-2014  Fuzzy Math: How Christie Divvied Up Sandy Mitigation Money

2-11-2014  The Power Broker: How Christie’s Port Point Man Plays All Sides of Transit Deals

3-5-2014  Does Chris Christie Owe Hoboken $700,000?

3-27-2014  A Jilted Lover, a ‘Crazy’ Man and Diane Sawyer: What Christie Crisis Management Looks Like

3-28-2014  Fifth Christie Ally Resigns

4-3-2014  How Christie’s Office Used Government Employees to Win Endorsements

4-14-2014  Did Christie Aides Cover Up Bridgegate?

6-9-2014  Christie Aide: I Didn’t Ask, I Didn’t Take Notes, I Don’t Recall

6-24-2014  Exclusive: Logs Show Dozens of Calls Between Former Port Chief & Top Christie Aides

8-1-2014  The Mystery of Christie’s Deleted Bridgegate Text

12-8-2014  Christie, Aide Texted as Bridgegate Cover Story Unraveled

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Pulitzer Prize: Congrats to Zachary Midler (Bloomberg News): This year, I didn’t see any Jersey papers or reporting specifically.  But shout-out to Zachary Midler of Bloomberg News, who lives in New Jersey and won his Pulitzer for Explanatory Reporting. Here’s the  full list of 2015 Pulitzer Prize winners and finalists.

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  1. Bob h

    speciality of Christieology.  Lets just hope this all bears fruit in the form of indictments.


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