Bridgegate Shoes Falling: Does Wolff & Samson expect founder David Samson to be indicted soon?

Chris Christie, David Samson

I mean, they’re scrubbing his name off everything.

David Samson, who faces a widening federal criminal investigation into his actions as the former Port Authority chair, is not only retiring from the practice of law, but Wolff & Samson is changing its name, completely eliminating his.

Sounds like a defensive crouch on the part of Samson’s law firm. Maybe they’re expecting an indictment soon? David Samson is a towering figure in NJ law; the founder of a powerful firm, and a mentor of a national-figure Republican governor on track for a White House run. The Samson name should give the firm gravitas, even after his departure. But  – nope – it won’t get the chance; they’ll rebrand with another Christie insider, Jeff Chiesa, headlining the firm.

Samson’s been under investigation by U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman for months for dealings in a number of areas, including:  

  • “The Chairman’s Flight”: Samson was Port Authority chair, and the PA operates the airports in the bi-state region. Federal prosecutors have subpoenaed Samson’s travel records, and documents detailing his relationship with Newark Airport’s hub airlines, United. The probe centers on a flight route United began during Samson’s chairmanship, a twice-weekly non-stop service between Newark and an airport near Samson’s South Carolina second home. The flights, with only a few passengers, ended April 1, 2014, just 3 days after Samson’s resignation under a cloud of suspicion.
  • Bridgegate: Emails among the Bridgegate plotters – all in or tied to Gov. Christie’s inner circle – show Samson was aware of the intentional lane closures and traffic snarl and was “helping us retaliate,” according to an email from David Wildstein. Emails also show Samson accusing PA Director Pat Foye of “stirring up trouble” by going public about the GWB mess.
  • The Hoboken allegations: Mayor Dawn Zimmer has accused Christie administration officials of threatening to hold up Sandy recovery aid if she didn’t deliver approval for an office tower represented by Wolff & Samson.

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    1. Joebluejersey11

      ummm, this is probably the real reason

    2. Bill Orr

      Even if he is not indicted (and I suspect he will be) his name and reputation have ben tarnished – no help to the firm. Chiesa as a former AG and U. S. senator adds luster and gravitas, plus he has connections with state government. Both individuals will probably retain a behind-the-scenes relationship with Christie.  

    3. 12mileseastofTrenton

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