Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for March 7-8, 2015

Municipalities with trouble

  • Courier Post: Take the poverty of a row house’s owner, add years of municipal neglect and you get the case study of 1510 Louis St. in Camden, the only building knocked down so far out of 593 earmarked for planned demolition by the administration of Mayor Dana L. Redd; $106,693.55 in liens for city & county taxes and bills, on a piece of land valued at $5,400.
  • “The fires are just as hot in Newfield as they are in Atlantic City.” – Newfield Fire Company shuts down over borough dispute.

    All things Christie

  • Moran: From Christie to ExxonMobil, with love.
  • After ExxonMobil settlement,Christie heads to Iowa to argue against tougher water pollution regulations.

  • Christie gets heckled in Iowa – by protester from NJ upset at his administration’s record of Sandy recovery by those still not back in their homes.
  • Stile: Christie’s in a role reversal in Iowa.
  • Smdh: Christie touts NJEA partnership on pension plan with Florida Republicans.
  • Here’s Christie in Iowa – bragging about how he weakened environmental protections in NJ. Watch.
  • Christie, long silent on immigration, now calls for ‘clear, legal, reliable’ guest worker program.
  • Christie on Exxon settlementTalk to the attorney general’s office.


  • Jackson: Key hurdle for prosecution: Proving Menendez acted out of more than friendship.
  • For Menendez, another cloud of suspicion.
  • Lessons not learned: Sen. Menendez and NJ Politicians Breaking Badly.
  • Ledger editorial: Menendez’s friendship with donor merits scrutiny.

    Doblin: In 50 years, we went from Selma to Ferguson

  • Consider how inconsequential what happened in Missouri last summer is to the men and women seeking the White House now. Not a big issue last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Not a driving issue for Democrats or, more apt, Democrat, seeking the White House either. Once CNN moved on to another story, so did most politicians with West Wing aspirations.
  • Obama signs Booker-sponsored bill to give Selma marchers Congressional Gold Medal.
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