This is what it looks like when people try to make a citizen’s arrest of Gov. Chris Christie

I can’t say these are exactly my kind of tactics. But this group of people isn’t wrong in their accusations of this governor. Undermining local democracies in the state-controlled school districts of Camden, Newark, Jersey City, Paterson while expanding the for-profit charter industry. Overlooking predatory lending. Raiding public workers’ retirement funds. Sweetheart deals with polluters. Poorly managing Superstorm Sandy recovery. And more.

Have you ever been to Gov. Christie’s office? Gold lettering on the door, state police presence, long hall; it’s both intimidating and necessary for the office-holder’s protection. Many people wouldn’t have the balls to walk in the door. I see some faces in this group I recognize – good people Ive talked to, walked with, written about. I give them credit for showing up, and bringing a camera. The self-styled celebrity governor, who even two years ago looked inviolable – as if the criticism of mere citizens couldn’t touch him – has been unmasked as a failed governor whose world-class propaganda operation is failing. You going to see more of this.

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  1. JKWilson

    If the state attorney general, a loyal Christie appointee, was doing his job, this wouldn’t be necessary.


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