NJ Senate resolution passes condemning Gov. Christie’s Exxon giveaway

Busy, hot-blooded day in the New Jersey Senate today.

With Christie’s man in the NJ Senate Kevin O’Toole gyrating however he could to stop it, the NJ Senate approved a resolution a few minutes ago condemning Gov. Christie’s “giveaway” settlement with ExxonMobil after the state invested ten years on legal action pegged at about $9B.  O’Toole’s strenuous efforts were aided by Sen. Tom Kean Jr. who urged abstention, claiming not enough info is known about the settlement.

The resolution is to take the pollution settlement (at the bargain basement price of $225 million on a nearly $9 billion action) to a judge and ask that it be thrown out.

The resolution was 24 Yes, 0 No.  

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  1. marshwren

    All 24 Democrats voted for it, and every Republican abstained.  Vanilla eclairs are rebar reinforced I-beams compared to GOP spines…

  2. A.V. El-Hepta

    O’Toole is Christie’s toady and maybe he’s hoping to be US Attorney General in a Christie presidency. Like that’s gonna happen!


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