News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, March 12, 2015

Menendez and Obama and the roots of a terrible political rivalry

  • I suppose may NJ Democrats will respond to this interesting piece by Max Pizarro by re-circling the Clinton-loyalist wagons. So much resentment still exists in this party against the President who wasn’t supposed to win, because Hillary was. The world breaks down into pro-Hillary and anti-Hillary for these folks, and Menendez’ trouble falls in that context. For me, I just think some people should be a little more careful with their hero worship and the conditions of coronation.
  • Against the backdrop of Sen. Menendez’s squiring Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu into the U.S. Capitol to slap at President Barack Obama and a subsequent leaking of an alleged corruption indictment against Menendez, New Jersey’s senior senator and Obama’s chief diplomat this morning sparred over the President’s request for a Congressional authorization for use of force.

    Environmentalists campaign by bus ahead of Pinelands Commission vote

  • Conservationists hit the road to visit 5 NJ senators still believed to be undecided about controversial Barr nomination.


  • NJ pension system the most underfunded of all 50 states.
  • More questionable pension investments under Christie.
  • Christie in FLA with Home Depot founder.
  • Katz: Bridgegate fall guy was inside man.
  • Christie rarely pays full cost of state chopper air time during his personal & political travel. You’re on the hook for the rest.
  • Next “Town Hall” – Tuesday in Freehold Twp.
  • Fight of the Week: Christie v. Lesniak, over Exxon settlement with TKO to the senator from Elizabeth.

    Like Hillary, Jersey City mayor and officials use private email to conduct public business

  • While Jim McGreevey jokes that he’s 58 and lucky to be able to know how to use one email account, transparency watchdog John Paff makes the argument that officials aren’t supposed to have the right to determine what public business the public can see, and “the fact that a guy can be governor and also be flummoxed by having more than one email is a bit scary.”


  • ‘Embarrassing’ 32% voter turnout has Lesniak introducing Election Day registration bill.
  • TODAY: Ed Commish David Hespe testifies on Common Core and PARCC.
  • Clearing Senate panel, the bill ensuring kids can shovel snow legally.
  • Calls for a better, safer, more secure work environment: Stabbed caseworker Leah Coleman publicly thanked the co-workers who grabbed the client who stabbed her, and saved her life.But she also talked about the culture of fear that kept 50 other colleagues from acting, so pervasive is the culture of fear in her office.
  • Belmar parade grand marshal tells dirty joke on Assembly floor.


  • FEMA will review every Sandy flood insurance claim.
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