News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, March 9, 2015


  • Roy Cho won’t run in 2016.

    All things Christie

  • Bob Ingle misses the “straight shooter”.
  • Where did the money come from when Christie ran RGA? A Top 10 list.
  • More bad poll numbers.
  • Doblin on Christie spokesman Kevin Roberts press release attacking Bradley Campbell on Exxon deal – what made the Gov’s press release sound desperate instead of convincing.
  • Ledger editorial: What budget crisis? Christie’s still pushing tax cuts.


  • Sweeney renews call for millionaire’s tax to help close state pension gap.
  • Relenishing beach sand: Two bills pending in the state Legislature would double – to $50 million – the state’s annual contribution to the Shore Protection Fund.
  • A measure aimed at stabilizing AC’s taxes stalls just 3 weeks before a deadline for the casinos to challenge their assessed value in a shrinking gaming market,  leaving embattled Mayor Don Guardian caught between two of the state’s most powerful politicians – Sweeney and Christie.
  • Senate panel to move on open space bill but no end to funding clash in sight.


  • At NJ Spotlight, John Mooney talks to an actual teacher serving on Christie’s commission to study testing about how he sees PARCC.
  • Braun: Look out Rutgers and Seton Hall-Cami’s “Relay-GSE” is out to eat your lunch.


  • N Y Times: With case hanging over Menendez, Dems lack a clear successor.
  • NJ Dems take cautious approach to Menendez troubles.
  • Who would Christie appoint to replace Menendez?
  • An attractive candidate – by GOP standards.
  • Would Christie appoint another “temporary senator”?
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    1. Bill Orr

      He raised more funds than his predecessors, brought new Dems to the polls, and in the final weeks appeared to have a chance for victory. However, Garrett’s huge war chest engine roared toward the end, leaving Cho to lose by about the same per cent as his recent predecessors.  

      Beating long-time incumbents who are hugely funded is always difficult. Nonetheless, the 5th District continues to represent a good opportunity for Dems as the voter registration split is close – 132,000 Republicans and 120,000 Democrats. By laying low Garrett manages to hide his extreme conservative positions which might be acceptable to some in his district but not in the more moderate or progressive areas. It would help if the next challenger begins with more name recognition and the ability to amass a much bigger bucket of money.  

    2. vmars

      except in the fevered imaginations of his hagiographers.


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