Will Chris Christie Sarah Palin himself to TV?

This afternoon, Mark Bonamo at Politicker has a tip from a source who says Gov. Chris Christie will stay in the 2016 White House race until the New Hampshire primary, then take a job in TV. Sarah Palin did something like that, leaving her duly-elected job (that she sucked at) to be a FOX News contributor and even a reality show.

Christie jumps to TV …So what would that look like?

Have You Heard About My Tough-Love Mama?

Christie interviews Heartland Republicans about the Wisdom of their Mothers. Catholic Television Network

It’s My Mendham – with Chris & Mary Pat

LIVE Q & A from the Mendham Starbucks. Each week, the Christies answer questions from new residents on how to hire a pool boy, equestrian wear and more. Local cable.

My Wingwoman

Hijinks and the high-life as a famous fictional governor, played by former Gov. Chris Christie travels the country on private planes to 5-star hotels. Along for the ride his favorite “aide,” played by former NJ Economic Development chief Michele Brown in her first publicly co-starring role. TV Land

Adventures in School Reform

Current affairs discussion. Live from a Undisclosed Location in Newark and under heavy security, where Christie reminds viewers each episode he was born, leading lights of the school reform movement brought from New York by limousine are interviewed. Topics range from counseling out autistics, how to rig student test scores, and the pros and cons of smart offshore investing. FOX News

So You Think You Can Govern?

Advice show with humorous edge. Each week 3 new mayors discuss problems their residents bring to them, and Gov. Christie tells them how to tell their constituents to go fuck themselves. FOX TV

Project Chris’s Way

Orange sweaters. Statement ties. Pin-striped suits. Fledgling designers compete for top prizes by designing menswear for the active average-sized American man. Sponsored by Londoners of Livingston. BRAVO

Political Apprentice

Spin-off from executive producer Donald Trump. NBC

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Wealthy Republican voters & GOP governors seek advice from the former NJ Governor on how to teach the poor to lift themselves up by their own bootstraps. Subscription only

Wait, Wait, Sit Down and Shut Up

Premiere offering in NPR’s effort to expand their listenership to more conservative Americans. Host: Chris Christie. NPR


Spin-off of Gotham crime drama based on characters from the DC Comics Batman franchise. Christie plays Gotham City’s hard-nosed prosecutor. Not yet cast: Loretta Weinberg as Catwoman. FOX TV

Jersey Shore II

The return of MTV’s popular reality show updated to focus on the boisterous fun of the Garden State’s posh set. In the first episode, Mantaloking, Just Looking, , argument erupts over martinis about dunes, with guest star former Gov. Chris Christie playing himself, making the argument for high, well-built dunes to protect oceanfront properties. Richard Stender plays himself. Production delayed until federal investigation of NJ handling of Hurricane Sandy funds is resolved.

Anger Management II (Working Title: Fantasy Football)

Spin-off of popular Charlie Sheen series about a one-time minor league baseball player beset by anger issues. Here, it’s a football player in his first NFL year. Starring Nick Lachey as the troubled Charlie Badson, with Chris Christie as Coach, teaching him an explosive personality can be useful in the gridiron sport. FX

19 Indictments and Counting

Former Assemblyman and unsuccessful Democratic candidate for Governor John Wisniewski hosts this documentary series recreating the cover-up to the scandals that brought down former Gov. Chris Christie, now serving 4 years in federal prison. With John Goodman as Christie, Richard Schiff as David Wildstein, Amy Poehler as Bridget Kelly, Tina Fey as Dawn Zimmer, Alec Baldwin as Mark Sokolich, Glenn Close as Kim Guadagno, Ralph Fiennes as Michael Drewniak, Kathy Bates as Loretta Weinberg, James Cromwell as Wisniewski. And the late Vincent Gardenia as the “late” David Samson.

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  1. marshwren

    The only cast change i’d make is substituting George Norcross for Nick Lachey.

  2. Bill Orr

    And one or more of these opportunities for our gonzo governor are likely to come true.  

  3. toaonua

    …and about to wet my pants laughing? This is hilarious!

  4. Bob h

    ever envisioned running for President as a marketing, product placement, and grifting strategy.  But they could never have forseen the modern Republican Party.

    Frankly, the sooner he leaves the better for our State’s future.


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