Weekend NewsRoundup & Open Thread for Feb. 21-22, 2015

It’s Oscar Sunday, and Chris Christie policy shut New Jersey business out of the 2015 Oscars

  • Best Picture nominee Whiplash, written and directed by Princeton native Damien Chazelle has key scenes in “Dunellen” but was filmed in California. Foxcatcher was shot in Pittsburgh. Both films are from Sony Pictures Classics, whose chief Tom Bernard is from Middletown in Monmouth County. He says both could have been filmed in NJ, except that Christie hasn’t signed the NJ tax rebate that’s been on the table and would bring thousands of jobs to the state.

    Newark Student Civil Disobedience:

  • Newark Student Union claims victory, now will shift focus to Chris Christie.
  • An Important Moment: Newark is beleaguered city, but the youth are playing a crucial role. Their future depends on a better education system. This was an important moment.  

    Port Authority cesspool

  • Air route at center of Port Authority probe was one of nation’s loneliest.


  • The gubernatorial appointees who steer the Port Authority reject a recommendation by the governors of NY and NJ that they offer to resign.

    The POLITICO Caucus: Christie slips from first tier.

  • Associated Press: Christie used his time at the National Governors Association for damage control after his disastrous anti-vaxxer moment in London and the news that he’s losing to Bush supporters and donors he was counting on.
  • Will Christie offer pension, transportation fixes in coming budget?
  • Christie reveals donors to his potential 2016 campaign.
  • Stile: Christie’s straight shooting in N.H. is loaded with irony back in New Jersey.
  • The pressure’s on Christie, with NJ and national Republicans looking for entirely different things in his budget speech Tuesday.
  • Christie’s latest problem: Scott Walker.
  • Christie’s broad appeal takes a hit in swing states.
  • Patrick Murray: Christie missteps not fatal, but do narrow his path to victory.
  • Bitter is the taste on the tongue of the New Jersey reporter scorned on the Chris Christie beat these days.
  • Another prominent Garden State Republican jumps to Jeb.


  • Judge rejects claims U.S. Attorney has conflict in case against ex-Bergen Democratic leader
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    1. JKWilson

      …would stop continuing to misuse the term “straight shooter,” which signifies honesty, to describe Christie. Charles Stile’s piece in The Record underscores the Guv’s “blatant hypocrisy” and “inaccuracies embedded in his attacks,” yet the headline writer chose to characterize his conduct as “straight shooting.” A “straight shooter,” according to the Oxford Dictionary, is “an honest and forthright person.” Lying with flair, no matter how entertaining, isn’t “straight shooting.”


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