Weekend News Roundup for Jan. 31 – Super Bowl Sunday, 2015

Meet Jamison of Marlton, in the starting lineup at the Puppy Bowl.

  • He was found in Philly in August at 3 weeks old, weighing less than 4 pounds, and suffering from parasites, cigarette burns, and seizures. He was rescued to Marlton by a compassionate Christian lady and later adopted by a nice Downingtown couple. Despite a hellish start, he has grown into a happy, friendly fellow with an athletic bent, an open heart, and, oh, what a nose. Today, he goes national.

    NFL forks over Super Bowl airtime for anti-domestic violence group’s commercial

  • Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Rice knocking his fianceé out cold in an elevator at the Revel in AC was hardly the first revolting incident. It just happened to be caught on camera. The NFL, which doles out harsher penalties for smoking weed than smacking a woman, has a real problem, and it takes more than an ad to fix that culture. That said, it a hell of an ad.

    Politicker’s Q & A with Loretta Weinberg

  • With great photos.


  • Coming: $10 unlimited internet for Newark residents.
  • Is Christie’s attempt to stabilize AC backfiring? Officials delayed a $12M bond offering last week after Moody’s sharply downgraded AC’s debt rating. Moody’s said Christie’s appointment of an “emergency manager” could signal an end to the state’s long-held policy of not allowing local governments to default or go bankrupt.
  • Hudson County Democrats worth less than any party in NJ.
  • NJ pension fund earned 7.3% in 2014, but remains in a deep hole.
  • Ingle: Christie seeks refuge in GOP’s new little-guy refrain. Taking a cue from Mitt, and emphasizing the middle-class and poor. Will his words square with his record? uh, nope.
  • Moran: Christie & Dems making mess of gas tax plan.


  • Christie at 4% in Iowa poll as majority of likely caucus goers view him unfavorably.
  • Stile: Romney’s move eases Christie’s path a bit, but GWB probe remains potential handicap.
  • Ingle: Christie falling behind, but Romney exit could help him.
  • Christie off to London to try and look like a serious contender.
  • Thanks, Gov. Christie! Republican Governors Association has boffo term, hauling in $117M. NJ didn’t do so well during that time.
  • Romney’s exit is Jeb’s big test, whether he can scoop up Romney donors and make life harder for Christie.

    Proposed pipeline meets fierce opposition

  • The 110-mile PennEast Pipeline would deliver natural gas from Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale region to an interconnection near Trenton. Its proposed route would cut a swath across Hunterdon County farmland hugging the Delaware River.
  • And this: Ledger editorial: Oil drilling off the Atlantic Coast is a bad idea.  
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    1. JKWilson

      Since his presidential numbers are tanking, maybe he’ll declare himself King of England and stay there. There’s also this piece about the London trip in The Record this morning: http://www.northjersey.com/new

    2. Bill Orr

      Well worth reading. It provides a clear understanding of why she is so respected.  

    3. 12mileseastofTrenton

      of the estate tax tied to an increase in the gas tax?  Let me get this straight, a tax cut for the wealthy and a tax increase for everybody else.  What is wrong with this picture?


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