Today in Moorestown: Christie returns to “Town Hall” orchestrated PR campaign at taxpayer expense

It’s almost unprecedented – Chris Christie is in New Jersey today for the second day in a row, following yesterday’s short (25-minutes) and mystifying 2016 Budget Address delivered before the full NJ Legislature.

Another politician might go on a listening tour after such a speech, to see how his constituents are taking it. This one, if previous “town halls” are an indication, will do most of the talking today. A public event dressed up as access and accountability, with just a few questions taken, and most or all of them being answered in long-winded style by the governor. As usual, Christie’s picked a majority white, comparatively wealthy and largely Republican perch from which to spin.

Gov. Chris Christie’s 128th “Town Hall” (his first in 6 months)

When: Today 3pm (doors open 1:30pm)

Where: Moorestown Recreation Center (111 West Second St.)

If you go, ask him about the our crumbling transportation infrastructure, and what he plans to do about the Transportation Trust Fund, which he didn’t mention at all in yesterdays’s outlook of his budget plans. Or ask him why he overstated a partnership on pension reform with NJEA, which they quickly pointed out. Or, ask him about his vulture-like (okay, don’t say “vulture-like”) longtime spokesman Michael Drewniak, and his hasty exit.

Or ask him if the Politicker story that he’s leaving his job in a few months for a TV job is true.

As usual – Seating is on a first come, first serve basis and open to the public.  No bags of any kind are permitted in the venue and all personal items are subject to search.  Due to safety requirements, law enforcement officers will be in attendance and will wand all attendees.

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