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Rosi and I have been discussing having a science series on the weekends here at Blue Jersey. The problem is I find it difficult to find topics to blog about that have a New Jersey angle.

After all, so many important problems are settled. One of the great government triumphs of the last century was the system of childhood vaccinations that defeated dangerous diseases. We don’t have to worry our tough-talking governor would be wishy-washy on vaccines.  

Meanwhile, the great challenge of this century is controlling our greenhouse gas emissions, lest we suffer disastrous global warming. Our own Rutgers is a leading center of research on climate change. If nothing else, we have to fear the sea level rise wrecking the coastal towns and beaches. Our governor loves the Jersey Shore, so we don’t have to worry he’d break the law to pull out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Oh well, something will come to mind. At least our governor didn’t run away from evolution.  

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  1. deciminyan

    You have quite a field to choose from. From the early days of Thomas Edison’s lab in Menlo Park through the civilization-changing discoveries at Bell Labs to the present day research, as you mentioned, on climate change. Yesterday, I attended a NJ Spotlight (sponsored by Rutgers) seminar on the effects of climate change in New Jersey and Spotlight’s Tom Johnson (IMHO, the best environment and energy reporter in the state) will post an article on their web site. The session was videotaped, and it will be worth watching (or re-watching) once that is posted.

    I look forward to your insights and teaching, helping Blue Jersey readers learn more about Garden State science.

  2. Jeff Gardner

    Between Rutgers food science research and NJ’s huge flavor industry, there must be some good stuff about genetically modified food to write (and/or worry) about.

  3. kfoster

    And the science says GMO’s are not an issue. Until someone shows me SCIENCE and not paranoia that they are not, I don’t have a problem with them.

    To me the GMO hype is just as bad as the anti-vacc hype.  


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