Remember when being Chris Christie was a hot thing to be?

Not so much. Drew Sheneman on Christie’s existential identity problem:

Drew Sheneman cartoon 2/22/15

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  1. Bob h

    questioning the President’s patriotism and calling him a communist/socialist.

  2. Erik Preuss

    To win the GOP primary i don’t think Christie has to do much other than be himself. Frankly, I think tacking hard right would be the worst thing he could do. At the end of the day this “strong” GOP field is littered with candidates who are completely unelectable. As popular as people like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, or Rick Perry may be with their party’s base, I think it would be foolish to assume any of them could come out of the GOP primary circus as the nominee. As crazy as their party is, they haven’t really nominated anyone nearly as far right as those three since Barry Goldwater.

    Looking at it with that lens, it would appear that Bush is the biggest impediment to a Christie nomination. Sure there’s a lot of flash around Scott Walker, but as soon as the rest of the public realizes where he stands on the issues he’ll likely fizzle out too. Christie and Bush are the only “moderates” in the GOP field.

    Also as @deciminyan stated, i don’t expect Christie, or most of the field outside of the real whackos, to run on an anti-Obama platform. They’ve already tried that gambit once in a presidential year and it blew up in their faces. And it’ll be especially dangerous if Obama’s favorability ratings and the economy continue to approve over the next year.  


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