Past NAACP NJ Chief on Gov. Christie: “A pattern of breaking the law when it comes to civil rights”

A couple of days ago when I posted this – Chris Christie: The guy who lives HERE doesn’t think NJ needs affordable housing – about how our private-jetting, luxury hotel-loving, fabulous mansion-living governor doesn’t see the need for affordable housing in his state, Darnell Hardwick of NAACP New Jersey reminded me of this, two years ago:

Here is NAACP NJ’s former chief James E. Harris, charging Gov. Christie with a pattern of breaking the law when it comes to civil rights. This is dead-on:

“He’s breaking the law because he has a different idea of what government should be. [Christie] wants to disengage government at the local level and let local people have control. In a state like New Jersey that’s so racially segregated, if you leave the choice to local communities, they won’t change. We’re the most racially segregated state in the United States of America … We have school systems based on housing patterns where students go to school without having much interaction with any of the students other than their own race. So the governor wants to placate and play to the governor’s side which is leave us alone and we’ll be fine. Well, civil rights says you can’t leave people alone because things will never change.”

On the jump page, watch Harris on NJToday with Mike Schneider (6/10/13):

Brief ad precedes. Video is 4 minutes.

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