Nice of Christie to Send the NJ GOP Recorded Comments

The NJ Republicans are heading to Atlantic City today – you know the city it appears their fearless leader is pushing toward bankruptcy – but Chris Christie is nowhere to be found. He’s busy in England watching soccer and football while trying to act “presidential.” But don’t worry, he’s sent them a message:

The “2015 Statewide Republican Event” begins late this afternoon at the Borgata, and will feature speakers that include former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and other mostly New Jersey Republicans. It will also feature some live music and partying.

Christie recorded a video that will be played for the attendees.

How nice of the Governor to take time out of his busy travel schedule to record a message for them. What’s wrong, they couldn’t figure out how to skype him in live? The Republicans in NJ are still paying legal bills for Bridgegate and will be some time yet. And all they got from their fearless leader was a recorded message? Maybe next time he’ll just send them a robo call.

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