News Roundup Open Thread for Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015

Budget Address

  • This grandiose video was made to create a sense of majesty to announce Christie. And you paid for it. Wait till you see the bald eagle swoop in. **
  • NJEA telling anyone who will listen that the Gov overstated their partnership.
  • Ingle: A mysterious roadmap but not much more from Christie.Lawmakers & lobbyists puzzled by a lack of specifics in Christie’s pension-focused speech.
  • Stile: Teachers union unlikely partner in Christie’s pension overhaul.
  • Missing from Address: Substance, specifics, solutions.

  • Firefighters on the Budget Address: “Governor, pay your bills.” Simple, and clean and worth more than all of Christie’s 25 minutes of nothing.

  • A new budget and a $1.57B hangover: The WNYC Christie Tracker Podcast.
  • Christie sidesteps troubles at home.

    Cami Anderson blew off last night’s Newark School Board meeting

  • Bad enough that Anderson evades any meeting where she might be criticized. But superintendents are expected at Board meetings, and students who staged a 4-day civil disobedience occupying her office made attendance at tonight’s meeting a key request to their ending the pretext. And still she ditched. Here, Newark Students talk about why they were moved to act

    Michael Drewniak, draconian front man for Christie, is outta here

  • It’s a very hasty exit.

    Christie’s pick for Pinelands Commission – opposed by environmentalists – is approved

  • Nia Gill voted No, objecting to the replacement of the commission’s only black member with a white candidate, and remembering when Christie acted to remove the state Supreme Court’s only black justice, John E. Wallace Jr..

    A Camden County police officer gets to tell about her life, department and city

  • To the POTUS in the Oval Office.

    Ledger editorial on the Stender shore house controversy

  • Architect says assemblywoman was involved in planning luxurious shore home.
  • Habitat house, or mansion by the sea? A NJ lawmaker owes answers.
  • As Stender faces questions about shore house, Union Dems shifting behind potential LD 22 Assembly replacements.


  • Hurricane Sandy payments could be delayed if shutdown happens, Obama administration warns.
  • Fulop, at State of the City address, contrasts Jersey City economy with NJ under Christie.
  • Christie proposed health budget slashes $148M from hospital charity care.

    Booker meets with Obama on criminal justice issues highlighted by John Legend at Oscars

  • Lawmakers of both parties and political activists on both sides of the political spectrum have agreed that the U.S. should stop locking up so many non-violent offenders, convicted of little more than drug possession.

    ** No bird, actually.

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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      was as bad as feared.  Totally one sided, real race to the bottom stuff.  Timed for release on the same day as Christie’s budget address.  Christie could have written it himself.  Which he may have.


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