News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015

Source: Stender won’t seek reelection for LD22 Assembly seat

  • According to the source, three factors are now in play: Stender was expected to hand in a letter stating she won’t seek reelection to Union Dem Chair Jerry Green, Rahway’s former mayor will supplant Stender on the line, and Stender gets to keep her $90k/year job at Union County Improvement Authority.

    Source: Christie to stay in 2016 GOP nomination race at least till New Hampshire primary, then take TV job

  • An easy high-paying out for a failing national candidate.
  • Here are 13 TV ideas for what Christie on TV could look like. You’re welcome, America.

    Evesham is run by truculent children

  • At least one – the mayor. Mayor Randy Brown decrees he won’t respond to residents during public comment. Ask him a question, you won’t get an answer. You’ll have to wait to run into him in town for feedback.
  • More bad behavior in a public meeting: NJ Assembly candidate kicked out of Jersey City council meeting.


  • Christie tells first “town hall” in 6 months he’s “focused on this job”. Gov. Christie will be in Washington today, and then California on Friday & Saturday. Next week, Florida & Iowa. Very focused.
  • Christie makes clear to Moorestown audience The only thing wrong with the state’s finances is cost of public-employee benefits.
  • WTF. Christie tells 101.5 radio audience the Transportation Trust Fund “is not a crisis”.
  • Christie defendspig crate veto.
  • Wow – this Spotlight reader poll on Christie’s Budget speech.
  • Christie MO on NJEA flap: Blame the media.
  • Christie adds Google exec to his PAC.

    Philadelphia Inquirer excoriates Somerset County Prosecutor for failures of transparency in the death of the Sheridans

  • Prosecutor Geoffrey D. Soriano has repeatedly flouted NJ’s Open Public Records Law, Inky asserts. John Sheridan was CEO at Cooper Health system, chaired by George Norcross.


  • Districts get official word:State aid payments frozen for most schools next year.
  • Questions swirl on Christie plan for pensions; ‘road map’ could divide unions.
  • Report: Federal share of NJ state revenue is shrinking.
  • JC agency seeks to award legal contracts to 6 firms – 4 of which have ties to Dems.
  • School “choice” funding boosted in Christie’s budget proposal.being
  • Comments (7)

    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      “At some point, the checks will stop,”

      No, the state has the power to increase revenue.  They cannot just simply refuse to pay, at least to employees who are vested.

      With friends like these . . . .

    2. 12mileseastofTrenton

      has been ridiculous.  It smells to high heaven.

    3. lebleu

      and lose her patronage job. There should only be one set of standards for both parties. How is it that she gets to determine what the sentence is for a serious lapse of ethics, and maybe breaking the law? She’s doing the right thing by keeping all of her jobs, but saying she won’t run again? Why aren’t the Democrats outraged by this?

      Business and politics in NJ as usual.  


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