News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, Feb. 27, 2015

Cami Anderson gets another year to be incompetent in Newark

  • And the cycle of contempt towards Newark kids, their parents and community, is complete. Salary: $255,016.

    In D.C. for CPAC, Christie is pugnacious, boastful

  • Characterizes Jeb Bush as the darling of backroom elites and himself as a man of the people.
  • Bragging about cutting off funding for women’s health care.
  • When Christie vetoed $7.5M for family planning he repeatedly defended himself by saying NJ couldn’t afford the cost. At CPAC with Laura Ingraham, he bragged the cuts were ideological, “pro-life”. Loretta Weinberg asks a good question: “What about [her] colleagues who believed him and believed this was about budget?” “The women of NJ have lost 6 women’s health centers so that he could get up in front of CPAC today and make this speech.” She’ll reintroduce a bill to fund the clinics this year.
  • More on Christie’s flip from Matt Katz.
  • From D.C., now off to CA 2 days.


  • Another budget shortfall on Christie’s watch. State tax collections off $60M.
  • Kevyn Orr speaks out on ‘receivership’ for AC and may need to be pulled back by the Christie administration or AC’s appointed emergency manager.
  • Ambitious Assembly bill seen as laying groundwork for future legislators, different governor – a 2050 target to get 80% of NJ’s electricity from renewable sources.


  • NJ Senate delays override vote on Port Authority reform veto.
  • Union Dem Chair and legislative colleague Jerry Green drops his support of Linda Stender. She won’t seek reelection.
  • LD 22 turmoil: Does the question of Stender’s replacement lead Union County Dems into chaos?

    Ferriero trial

  • Prosecutor: Former Dem powerbroker sold influence.
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