Chris Christie: The guy who lives HERE doesn’t think NJ needs affordable housing

Here’s Chris Christie, quoted this morning in the Philadelphia Inquirer, repeating something he’s said before on the radio:

“I also don’t think that we have this overwhelming need for affordable housing in the state, either.”

For the governor who thinks his only responsibilities are for NJ’s already wealthy and moneyed Republicans to float his White House dreams, for the governor who likes his $30,000 luxury hotel weekends, some facts:

New Jersey is the fourth most expensive state in the nation for housing.

What does that mean? Define the Housing Wage as the hourly wage a family needs to earn – working 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year – to be able to afford the rent and utilities for a safe, modest home in the private housing market. For New Jersey, that number is $24.92.

The actual mean wage for a New Jersey renter? That’s $16.34 an hour, below the housing wage for a modest, safe 2-bedroom. At that wage, an individual would have to work 61 hours a week to afford that 2-BR apartment at a fair market rent. Now how about at minimum wage? A minimum wage worker in NJ would have to put in 121 hours a week to afford that 2-BR at fair market rent. Stop now, and consider that that’s about 176,000 of Gov. Christie’s constituents.

The guy who doesn’t think we need affordable housing in NJ? He lives HERE:

christie's house

I asked Adam Gordon, a friend and ally of Blue Jersey’s and attorney for Fair Share Housing Center, which has been trying to hold the Christie administration accountable to the housing needs of NJ’s residents, to comment on the Governor’s statement. This is what he said:

Governor Christie has lost touch with the experience of working and middle class New Jerseyans who struggle to afford a decent place to live. New Jersey is the fourth most expensive state in the country, with the nation’s highest foreclosure rate. Gov. Christie’s head in the sand approach to New Jersey’s housing crisis has made the economic recovery harder for thousands of New Jersey families – and is a big part of the story of why New Jersey lags the rest of the country in economic recovery.


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  1. trishalynnemarie

    I have my own issue with the Governor of NJ and the agencies he supposedly oversees, even though I have never met him. He has taken it upon himself to make sure those teachers who seek a disability pension (like me) do NOT get them. It matters not that we are talking about a pension that I have paid for for a quarter of a century and other teachers also pay their shares without excuses. To “protect” our money for HIS cronies, Christie will coerce Judges like Todd Miller of AC to lie (he was at the time untenured), IMEs like suddenly retired Goebel Marin will make up medical reports, lazy arrogant slobs within the TPAF will keep denying appeals despite having almost a 3 foot thick stack of records from 14 doctors and counting stating that I am disabled and can never work again. Money has been stolen from my bank account. Senators and Congressmen all tried to talk to him–and get him to speak to me to resolve the issue- and we all got blown off by the King of “Sit Down and Shut Up!”. His employees in his Office in Trenton are all as nasty and foul mouthed as he is. I am waiting 4.5 yrs for my pension, and counting, even though I have SSD and Medicare. Senator Jeff Van Drew’s assistant Ed told me that the Governor oversees ALL pensions in NJ, and the only way I will ever see my pension is if Christie makes a phone call and approves it (I am in final stages of last appeal, and this is possible if SOMEONE intervenes for me)…OR I COULD FILE CIVIL SUIT AGAINST CHRISTIE, TPAF and the STATE OF NJ. The difference is–Christie’s call would just give me my pension and retro. CIVIL SUIT will cost taxpayers INTEREST, DAMAGES, AND MY LEGAL FEES (not to mention his own). By the way–THE DEPT OF THE ATTY GENERAL is not defending Christie in any of his suits. Wonder why? They are all second-class (at best) hack lawyers who can’t get their briefs in on time, and have to get 17 postponements in a year. The one handling my case on behalf of the TPAF finally started getting fined by the Judges, because they were getting tired of his excuses!! If anyone out there reading this knows of an investigative reporter who might be kind enough to get my story out there, or a Civil attorney who might be willing to take my case (I have three names, but I am looking for the best attorney I can get to nail Christie but good for the damage he has done to my credit rating, my life and my health), please contact me. I thank you all again for listening–and for any help or ideas you can offer. Make no mistake, Christie is out for ONLY HIMSELF!! For the heck of it–call his Trenton offices, ask to talk to him. See if you get the lisping young guy who uses “F—” for every other word as he argues with you, or the witchy Hispanic woman who will hang up on you after she tells you off. Or, for shits and giggles, they may transfer you to the wrong department and watch you make a fool of yourself! 609-292-6000. Send him an email. His office hacks will delete it, and if you call and ask they will tell you that they routinely do this, the Governor can’t be bothered to read them. If they tell you to “call back”, rest assured they will not, and if you do call they will tell you they are busy, and hang up!! Don’t tell me Christie is out for anyone but himself or his cronies–because then I’ll know we aren’t living on the same planet!!

  2. josef

    How can you simultaneously think property taxes are too high and that there’s no need for affordable housing?


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