Chris Christie’s No Good, Very Bad Trip To England

The Governor’s people thought their latest effort to make him seem presidential with a “Trade” trip to England would be just what he needed.  But they haven’t quite gotten what they bargained for:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) wrapped up a three-day trade mission to London on Tuesday that was widely seen as an effort to build his stature as a national figure and potential 2016 presidential candidate. But the trip was marred by confused locals, canceled press availabilities, and bad headlines that left the governor’s brand battered and bruised.

Lets take a look at the sampling of headlines over just the last few days:

  • The Week: The appalling, incoherent selfishness of Chris Christie’s vaccine ‘choice’

  • Reuters: Chris Christie Ducks Media After Controversial Vaccination Comments

  • NY Times: Chris Christie Shows Fondness for Luxury Benefits When Others Pay the Bill

  • Politico: Wall Street Journal editorial slams Chris Christie on vaccines.

  • National Journal: Chris Christie Is Having a Bad Week at Exactly the Wrong Time

  • Think Progress: How Chris Christie Became A Hero Of The Anti-Vax Movement

  • NY Times: Christie Returns to Good Old London; London Says, ‘Who?’

  • Observer: The Wheels on Chris Christie’s Campaign Bus Are Coming Off Before It Even Rolls

  • Business Insider: Chris Christie’s London trip was a disaster

  • Wall Street Journal: Christie’s Vaccine Stumbles – The Governor panders amid an outbreak of preventable disease
  • Salon: The very simple reason why Chris Christie’s vaccine claims are absolutely insane
  • Huffington Post: Nurse Chris Christie Quarantined For Ebola Goes After Governor On Vaccines

  • Star Ledger: Hillary Clinton tweet zings Chris Christie’s vaccine remarks

    Talk about brutal, that is just a sampling of the last few days alone. And how is this for leadership:

    But you’ll always know where he stands and nothing will be left unsaid, right? That all just screams presidential right?

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    1. Rosi Efthim

      He’s canceled 3 media appearances since his incoherent vaccination statement. That’s two Q & A’s with reporters, plus a press statement he was due to make after meeting UK finance minister George Osborne. Which, uhhhh … ostensibly what his trip was supposed to be about.

      Clusterfuck of not-ready-for-primetime behavior, particularly when you add that to:

      (1) The fact that Christie’s trip is being financed by the group – now to be run by Michele Brown – that has among its top donors companies that have gotten subsidies from the Christie administration.

      (2)  And when he gets there, criticizes the commander in chief on foreign soil.

      Christie leaves 11 Downing Street, the official residence of the Chancellor of the Exchequer. And all he says is … “We had fun.” Oops.

    2. sayitaintso

      which probably got more circulation than any of the above….yes, I know we were all to tasteful to watch it, laugh at it or even pass it on to everyone we know who ever heard of New Jersey.  But others, well we can’t control them, now can we.

    3. Bill Orr


      “Ground Control to Major Tom

      Take your protein pills

      and put your helmet on.”


      “Ground Control to Major Tom

      Your circuit’s dead,

      there’s something wrong

      Can you hear me, Major Tom?”

    4. Rosi Efthim
    5. Bob h

      first went off the rails after his disastrous trip to UK in 2013, and he never recovered.  Now Christie’s ambitions have bit the dust there, too.

      The British regard NJ as the home of the Mafia, Tony Soprano, et. al.  Christie’s swaggering Goombah schtick fits in perfectly with that and probably got a lot of chuckles.


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