Chris Christie Had A Private Plane While Ann Romney Flew Commercial

Buried toward the end of the expansive NY Times story today about the Governor’s lavish travel demands, is this nugget regarding Chris Christie and Ann Romney during the 2012 Presidential campaign:

As he has traveled more widely, particularly during the last year, when he led the Republican Governors Association, Mr. Christie’s first-class tastes have become well known. He made it clear when he campaigned for Mr. Romney in 2012 that he would do out-of-state events only if he was given a private plane, even during the primary, when the candidate’s wife was still flying commercial to save money. The Romney campaign came to understand that he preferred a Cessna Citation X, which, its manufacturer boasts, has exotic wood interiors and a Rolls-Royce engine.

Man of the people, right? That should all play great in Iowa.

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  1. Rosi Efthim

    You can imagine how this kind of thing is yet another reason the love cooled between Team Mitt and the Pufferfish. Which it surely did.

    Christie always seems to regard the efforts he makes for other Republicans less important than using that opportunity to serve himself:

  2. He skipped out on NJ GOP’s big convention where they desperately need him as they plan their Assembly campaigns
  3. He demands their full compliance with whatever direction he sets – up to and including taking his orders to not override him on legislation they supported in the first place.
  4. And yet, for all that, he does little to help them get elected.  
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