Why Would Christie Run For President When He Has Such a Great Job Now?

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NJ Watchdog found out through an OPRA request that Chris Christie has spent more than a million dollars for travel for his security detail on trips unrelated to his official duties as Governor.  That’s 1800 percent more than in the same period of time before Christie took office.

But what gets me is this line from the revelation:

“Last year, Christie traveled out-of-state on more than 100 days while visiting 36 states, Mexico and Canada, primarily on personal and political trips that were not official state business.”

That’s 100 personal and/or vacation days for Christie, a whopping 27 percent of every day away from the office on personal business.  Imagine if you got 100 days off a year.  

He wouldn’t get that kind of time off as President.  

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  1. deciminyan

    By one account, Dubya (Christie’s mentor and the person who appointed him as a US Attorney despite dubious credentials) took 879 days of vacation during his reign, or almost 110 days per year. But in my mind, that’s OK. Imagine how much more damage Bush (and Christie) would inflict if they worked full time.


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