Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Jan. 10-11, 2015

UPDATE: JKWilson reminds us of this editorial by Mike Kelly at The Record: Kelly: Christie’s missed opportunity in not attending Cliffside Park officer’s funeral.

Christie scandals

  • Ingle: How Christie got to sit in owner’s box is troubling.
  • Cowboys great Roger Staubach donates to Christie, gets big-$$ contract from Port Authority.
  • Gail Collins on “the hug”: “Look at the picture, and it’s hard to imagine him giving a State of the Union address, but you can really see him dressed up like a bumblebee or a duck, bouncing around the sidelines and firing a T-shirt cannon into the stands.”

  • Dude. Cat’s outta the bag. You don’t make it better by paying your own bills this time.
  • Christie met with federal prosecutors investigating GWB scandal.

    (airquotes) “Presidential” (airquotes)

  • That’s mighty presidential of ya! Christie entourage gets physical with the press trying to get him away before anybody asks him a question. Come on, WCVB, let’s see your video!
  • GWB’s brother a bigger headache for Christie than GWB.
  • Christie strategy: Ignore both the old & new scandals, stay on the road, meet the GOP money people.
  • Ingle: Law firm of Christie’s ethics advisor does work for Port Authority.


  • Cory Booker calls out USDA for approving misleading “humanely raised” and “cage-free” labels.
  • House approves Keystone XL pipeline, fails to get veto-proof majority.
  • Thank you, BWC. Thanks for nothing, Albio Sires & Donald Norcross.
  • Obama’s free community college plan deal a huge deal for NJ.
  • Lance votes to increase deficit after proposing balanced budget amendment.
  • House rookie Dems Norcross and Watson Coleman get spots on key security committees.

    Political Insider: Fulop keeps a campaign promise to provide himself with a safety net

  • If the date’s not moved, Fulop would have to choose – running for re-elect in May 2017? or running in June 2017 in Dem primary?But if city elections move to November, Fulop could run in the Dem primary and, if he loses, run for re-election as mayor 5 months later.

    Wayne Smith, former Irvington mayor, signs online petition favoring Warren for prez

  • “Just testing to see if the progressive wing of the party is still alive,” Smith told PolitickerNj, after signing an onlien petition urging Warren to challenge Hillary Clinton.
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    1. vmars

      This line from Bob Ingle’s good column reminded me of the great 80s movie Valley Girl:

      “The Legislature needs to pass a law and limit the value of gifts to like $25 since the loophole in Christie’s executive order is big enough to fly one of those private jets he covets through.”

    2. JKWilson

      From Mike Kelly at the Record: http://www.northjersey.com/new

    3. Joebluejersey11

      Jet Setter Dallas Cowboy stadium loving Chrisitie opposed politicans going to  Atlantic City junkets for NJ League of Muni conventions and the Washington DC Chamber of Commerce train as unethical, but the Gov. can take his 4 kids to Dallas by private jet… Its ok.  


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