Senator Bob Smith

Senator Bob Smith of Central Jersey’s 17th Legislative District is not one to grab headlines like many of his colleagues. A smart, determined legislator, he is the chairman of the Energy & Environment Committee – a thankless job at a time when the all-powerful governor takes his marching orders from the Koch Brothers and not the people of New Jersey.

Despite the governor’s bungling of energy and environmental policy, there are important issues facing the state. As Senator Smith explains in this interview, in many areas progress will be stagnant until we have a new governor.

I met with Senator Smith earlier today at his Piscataway office. We spoke about many of the issues that the governor is ignoring, about lost opportunities in job creation under this governor’s energy policies, and the impact of President Obama’s recent anti-environmental move to allow drilling oil spillage in the Atlantic Ocean not far from our Jersey Shore.

We also talked about what the Senator learned on his recent trip to Israel and what he calls a “crisis for Ocean County” that Congressman Tom MacArthur has so far ignored.

The interview ends with comments on a controversial bill that he is sponsoring to put firearms in the hands of ten-year-olds and his take on the 2017 governor’s race.

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