Republicans Can Do No Wrong

And the award for this week’s best Christie Apologist goes to…

…State Senator Sam Thompson (R – Old Bridge)

This week, Senator Thompson declared that now is the time for Christie to prove himself if the governor wants to pursue the White House. Everything up to now, apparently does not count. Not the bungling of Hurricane Sandy. Not the lucrative contracts that have gone to Christie’s cronies. Not the fact that Christie surrounds himself with advisors who think it’s OK to close down the George Washington Bridge. Not the fact that poverty has increased in New Jersey, and the business climate has gotten worse under Christie’s watch.

Senator, the time for Christie to prove himself is long past. It started in January, 2010, and Christie’s performance has gone downhill since then.

Christie’s popularity is based on his bravado and persona. Any critical examination of his “accomplishments” concludes that the emperor has no clothes.

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