QoTD – January 20, 2018

Looking into the future: From the New York Times – January 20, 2018 after the governor has served out his term in office and is ready to participate in the swearing-in of his successor:

“He suggested that he had few, if any, regrets, and said he was proud that the New Jersey Legislature never overrode one of his vetoes, even as he vetoed more bills than any other governor of New Jersey. He leaves office under criminal indictment on charges alleging abuse of power, a case that could play out during a presidential campaign.

This is an actual quote from today’s New York Times. The only change is that I replaced Texas with New Jersey. Christie’s presidential rival, Rick Perry, is leaving office under a cloud of indictment. Will history repeat itself if Christie opts to run for the White House in 2020?

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  1. William Weber (WjcW)

    You know WHY he was indicted right?

    Vetoing funding for a district attorney CONVICTED of DWI who refused to resign?

    (not to mention making an ass of herself on video at the police station)

    Shouldn’t a DA have respect for the law?

    I’m no fan of Rick Perry, but the actions in this case seem to be pretty justified.



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