News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Jan. 5, 2015

Chris Christie’s hug of Cowboys owner cost taxpayers

  • APP: You paid for his security detail, but how much? Christie travels a lot, much of it for his own political gain – not NJ business – and when records requests are made for the costs, they are delayed or only partially responded to.
  • Todd Christie to people ripping his bro for being a Cowboys fan: GET A LIFE!. He slams Eagles fans, too.

    Port Authority reform

  • Gannett urges the legislature to try an override of Christie’s veto of well-supported reform legislation. It will “at least be worth a laugh when the cowardly pack of Republican legislators all scramble to reverse their vote while bowing before Christie in an abject display of party unity.” Their suggestion to the GOP?  Try actually voting for a policy you support.

    Menendez is still stewing about Cuba, says Obama will have a hard time getting any ambassador to Cuba confirmed

  • The outgoing Senate Foreign Relations Chair says Obama administration could regret its secret outreach to Cuba as it deals with Congress in the future.


  • Buy local: This store sells only handmade goods made here, and school fundraisers are signing up with them.
  • Cautionary tale: Table-flippin’ Teresa Giudice, who trades her sequins for prison orange today.


  • AC mayor expects a 5th casino closing in 2015.
  • 5 important questions facing the energy sector this coming year.


  • NJ Spotlight: Education in NJ will see the consequences of earlier policy decisions in 2015 – PARCC, school funding, teacher evaluations, takeover districts.

    Healthcare policy in NJ:

  • The biggest issues to watch for in 2015.

    Bergen Exec Tedesco swearing-in draws statewide power to NJ’s bellwether county

  • Overflow crowd, big names.

    Op-Ed choices for “official” state song should come with term limits

  • John Weingart of Rutgers Eagleton (and longtime host of a music radio show) on how to avoid getting stuck with an embarrassing clunker song.

    Jackson: N.J. lawmakers present a united front for new rail tunnel

  • Hallelujah, but we’re far behind where we should be (thanks, Christie) and there is considerable question whether he will be as forceful pressing GOP leaders in Congress for funding as he was in 2013 when he went after conservatives who tried to block Sandy aid.

    Congratulations to Joe Cryan

  • The new Union County Sheriff is sworn in, following his father’s footsteps. We’re going to miss him in the Assembly.
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    1. Jay Lassiter


      Giving up the gavel sucks, we get it. But your retrograde and ignorant protestations about Cuba are sounding crazier all the time. You sound like a grouchy man yelling “get off my lawn” at passersby.

      Please stop.



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