“Moderate” Lance Votes to Deport Dreamers

Promoted by Rosi, who also lives in NJ-7.

Well, if Democrats in the 7th district were looking for a way to beat Leonard Lance before the next redistricting, they may have gotten a boost this week when Lance voted with the Republican majority to reverse President Barack Obama’s decision not to deport adults brought here without documentation as children.

These so-called “Dreamers” include college graduates, professionals, skilled laborers, husbands, wives, parents and other full participants in American society who for no fault of their own do not have permission to work in the United States.  Many of them do not speak the language of the country they came from, and many do not even remember living anywhere else.  

They are, for all practical purposes, Americans.

But Leonard Lance believes these people, many of whom live in the 7th district, don’t deserve a shot at the American Dream.  His vote demonstrates a willingness to send them to countries they don’t know, tear them away from children and family in the United States, and destroy the hope of neighbors and friends.

This vote should demonstrate to Democrats still willing to vote for Lance that he has gone over to the dark side, and to the large Hispanic population it should be a rallying cry to support the Democrats with volunteers, funds and candidates at all levels of the ballot.

Hopefully the Dems will do something with this, and not just let it go like all the other times Lance showed his new, sadly true colors.

Rodney Frelinghuysen and Scott Garrett voted with Lance, while Tom MacArthur, Chris Smith and Frank LoBiondo had the courage to buck their party leaders.  Not one Democrat crossed lines.

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  1. punk7676

    unfortunately the 7th cd is a Rep. district…..it doesn’t matter what Dem runs…..look what happened to Linda Stender a few years ago…..her campaign dropped about 3 million bucks….that’s why nobody of any significance wants to run against him…

    all Lance worries about is a challenge from his right in a primary….


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