Does Donald Norcross Support Dirty Energy?

I actually like Donald Norcross. I’ve had a chance to have a couple of one-on-one conversations with him, and he’s a really pleasant individual. But as a Congressman, he has a lot of room for improvement.

Recently, he granted C-SPAN an extended interview on their call-in program. You can listen to the whole thing below the fold. I’ll admit that I only listened to a small part of it. But that was enough.

Norcross was proud to respond to the moderator’s question about one of his first votes in Congress – a vote to authorize the Keystone XL pipeline. Norcross claims it is about jobs, but this pipeline does not create any significant number of permanent jobs. Or even temporary ones. Instead, it creates a ticking time bomb plowing through America’s heartland waiting to spew its inevitable leaks into the water supply and crop fields that are so important to our people. It’s a paean to the oil lobby and not much else. It’s difficult for me to understand why Norcross’ response to why he supports the pipeline is “safety”, when just the opposite is true.

Norcross’ responses sound more like they came from Tom MacArthur and made me wonder which party Norcross belongs to. Apparently the moderator had the same conundrum, inadvertently calling Norcross a “Republican” during the interview.

We need to create jobs. Keystone XL doesn’t do that. But an accelerated program to invest in renewable energy does. Don’t be fooled by low gas prices. The Saudis and the Koch Brothers are smart people, and by keeping these prices temporarily low, it discourages investment in clean energy. But those clean energy investments create jobs – good jobs. Even for electricians. This is a lesson that Congressman Norcross needs to learn.

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  1. keepitreal

    His brother George gave him the position and he can take it away. George has always been more of a Republican than a Democrat, which helps explain why he gets along so well with Christie. Blood may be thicker than water, but it is not thicker than money. At least not for George Norcross.  George wants the pipeline and Donald will work to get George what he wants.  You will just have to lower your expectations.  

  2. josef

    In my mind, this is 100% political posturing. He’s new to congress, and might want to show that he can be “bipartisan”, working with Republicans, to get things done. Maybe this means he doesn’t immediately enter a hyper-partisan fray, giving himself cred down the line to work on issues across the aisle. Plus, everyone knows Obama’s going to veto the bill, so he might feel safe in doing this as pure posturing to be like “see, I’m willing to cross party lines for the good of the country” or whatever.  


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