Christie Again Used Port Authority for His Friend’s Benefit

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More than seven years ago we started asking questions about the Christie the Corruption Cop story line, including asking Why Isn’t Chris Christie Investigating This Guy? The point was that if Christie endured the scrutiny he gave others then he’d have been an investigatory target, as well.

We were pretty alone back then, a small voice marginalized because of how our words were published instead of being judged based on our content and analysis.

Over the past few days there’s been a new scandal emerge as citizens and the media asked how Christie’s private-plane, five star hotel, luxury box trip to see the Cowboys in a playoff football game.  Christie’s team met the questions with the same arrogance as ever, saying it was a dumb question but that Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones paid for it.

And now today we find out that Christie pressured the Port Authority – that “independent” agency keeps coming up with Christie’s scandals – to give a contract to a company owned by none other than Jerry Jones!  

So we’ll update our earlier post and again ask, Would Chris Christie Have Investigated This Guy?

1) A governor appointed friends and colleagues to positions of authority over spending at an independent agency;

2) This governor pressured these appointees to steer a contract to a particular company owned by a friend who also owns the governor’s favorite sports team;

3) Soon after the sports team owner uses his personal plane and luxury box to give a free trip to the governor to see an NFL playoff game halfway across the country.

When you take Christie’s name out of the equation, and by extension his poorly deserved reputation as a corruption fighter, suddenly you’re looking at one of the most corrupt politicians in history.  

Start with a one-term Freeholder who admits in court, but only after losing the case, to lying about his opponents being corrupt in order to win his seat.  Then have him raise hundreds of thousands in a Presidential campaign, be told he would not get an appointment, then his family donates over a million dollars to Republicans and he is nominated for US Attorney.  As US Attorney he steered questionable contracts to his former boss and former law partners, then when he can’t get enough to indict high-ranking Democrats holds press conferences attacking them for completely legal actions. Based on his reputation as a corruption fighter he wins the Governor’s office, then his staff and appointees use the power of his office and independent agencies to reward supporters and punish opponents.

And instead of being ridden out of office on a rail, this is a Presidential contender? Wow.

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  1. robosz

    Your summary of CC’s career is brilliant and so concise.

    Other issues aside, … he would be the last person on earth to ever try to bring down Citizens United, or to advance the cause of campaign finance reform. He IS the embodiment of a career made on delivering the fundraising.

  2. dbkurz415

    Christie’s pattern of corruption and contempt for the laws and the very lives of his constituents continues. He’s a bad apple, to be sure, and he’s brought a cadre of backslapping nepotists with him. It will take years for our state to rebound from the damage he’s done, and it is tragic.  


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