Chris Christie is Irrelevant in 2016

While he makes for good copy, Chris Christie is an irrelevant buffoon. His recent antics at a Dallas Cowboys football game verify this long-standing observation.

First of all, Christie will never be president, for a number of reasons:

First, he is too sane. The Republican Party is fond of putting crazy people in charge. They put Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency. They put Darrell Issa in charge of a witch-hunt committee that would make Senator Joe McCarthy jealous. They refuse to disavow themselves from an anti-Semitic racist in the new House leadership. Say what you want about Christie – he’s an egomaniacal, ethically challenged, dishonest self-serving official. But he’s not crazy enough to appeal to the core GOP power brokers.

The other reason that Christie will never be president is that he doesn’t want it.  

Being president is hard work. Harry Truman was right when he said, “The buck stops here.” But Christie has shown that he is the master of deflecting the ever-present buck of leadership, even to the point of throwing some of his loyal minions under the bus. He knows he can’t do that as president.

Make no mistake – Christie is playing a clever game. The master of self-promotion is playing the presidential politics game for two reasons.  First, he loves the limelight. We all know that. Second, he is auditioning for his next job.

In an article on PolitickerNJ yesterday, reporter Chase Brush outlined five possible scenarios for Christie’s future. Two of those scenarios are most likely.

If, God forbid, a Republican wins the White House in 2016, Christie will lobby strongly for the attorney general job. It’s a natural fit for him – following in the footsteps of Alberto Gonzales. While Gonzales was Bush’s “yes-man”, condoning torture and successfully thwarting an impeachment initiative, Christie would use the office in the same manner that he abuses the governor’s chair – enriching his friends and vilifying his foes. He thrives on headlines, and the AG’s office is a good platform for his self-promotion.

If the country comes to its senses and sends the GOP presidential nominee packing, then Christie will serve out his current term and then sign a lucrative deal with Fox “News” – biding his time until the next presidential opportunity comes up. A gig with Fox is the perfect platform for Christie to spew his invectives without much pushback.

For someone who thrives in the presidential limelight, calling Christie “irrelevant” would make his blood boil. So be it. For 2016, he is irrelevant and thriving at the expense of the people of New Jersey.

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  1. Erik Preuss

    The path to a Christie presidency is far from incomprehensible. I agree it’s incredibly unlikely but consider the following:

    1) What happens if this “southern super primary” actually happens in late february? If that happens, it’s conceivable we could be looking at someone like Mike Huckabee or Ted Cruz with a solid lead in delegates

    2) Assuming 1 is true, do you think the establishment would ever go for that? I feel like at that point they’d be much more likely to coalesce around someone like Bush or Christie. And if that happens, all of a sudden their candidacy is relevant much longer than a normal primary candidacy would be. And either Bush or Christie would have no problem cleaning up on super tuesday and after when all of the big states on the coasts hold their primaries.

    3) Assuming he could win the nomination, is it that inconceivable that he could beat Hillary Clinton in a national election? I don’t think so, especially if a state like NJ is in play. I hate just assuming she’s the nominee, but i think at this point we have to, and there’s plenty of Clinton fatigue around the country.

    Again i don’t think it’s likely, but it’s far from impossible.  


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