Who gets a Bridgegate indictment? From UP with Steve Kornacki this AM

So, it seems maybe Republican dirty tricksters in thrall to Gov. Christie actually haven’t learned the lessons of Watergate, that the cover up is worse than the crime.

Here’s a pullout quote from Kornacki’s discussion this morning with WNBC’s NJ reporter Brian Thompson, about whose names might appear on “at least six” in indictments he said are likely to come down in January:

Some of them are the obvious names that we’ve seen. And some of them are these obscure names that are buried in the record of the emails etc. – but they are there. Every name is somewhere in the public record, that we know of. We don’t know of any non public-record names.

But here’s the thing. And this is what really ties it all together as a single unified prosecution. And that is, they’re all involved in this – they all have a fingerprint, or more, somewhere in this, which is, from what our sources are saying, all wraps up into a conspiracy to cover up. [emphasis mine]

Watch the video, on the jump page:

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  1. Joebluejersey11


    1. The General David “General”Samson* and  his creu Lori Griffa,Philippe Danielides

    3. Bridget and Wally Edge – although they are rightfully singing

    3. McKenna, Stepian, Drewniak

    4. Baroni and Philip Kwon

    5. PA Commissioner Ray Pocino et al on the other PA scams

    6. DuHamine

    Just my opnion

    *Hes a General

  2. marshwren

    starts with Wildstein, Kelly, Baroni and Stepian.  After that, my sentimental favorites are McKenna and Egea.  That said, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if O’Dowd makes the final cut.

    Samson’s probably getting a pass on GWB because he’s most likely ratting out everyone on everything else (PA financial improprieties), which will include Kwon, Pocino, Griffa, etc.


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