News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014

The Camden Stimulus

  • Washington Post: Corporate welfare in the Chris Christie – Michele Brown years.
  • Next City: Chris Christie’s latest Camden giveaways deserve as much skepticism as the 76ers deal.


  • In the World of Things I Don’t Care About, this issue is King. That said, this is not even the thing the Governor is most an ass about.
  • Kansas goveror pulls a Christie.
  • Christie loves the Keystone XL pipeline. But on this one – Pilgrim Pipeline, the 178-mile oil pipeline that would cut across a large portion of NJ? Nothing to say.

  • Obama & Christie back together again.
  • Some Hillary advice for Christie: “Christie also claims he’s more likeable than Hillary. While I’m sure he’s a huge hit among nasty, arrogant, dismissive, disrespectful Northeastern conservatives who love being told “shut up” and “you’re an idiot” by their elected officials, I have serious doubts that his big, bad Jersey blowhard routine will play well in the rest of the nation.”

    Cory Booker sides with Elizabeth Warren on Washington’s Wall Street giveaway

  • Is this about the rise of Warren, and the hope of a junior senator from New Jersey of latching on? Because this is an interesting choice of issue for a corporatist Wall Street apologist like Booker.


  • Unite-HERE Local 54 defies deadline in Taj Mahal showdown.
  • Is it time to question the fiscal wisdom of the Atlantic City bailout?

    Edgewater mayor resigns without explanation

  • James Delaney submitted a 3-sentence letter to the town clerk yesterday, hours before a council meeting.

    Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson rules against rural districts in school funding suit

  • “The judge’s decision was technical, rather than substantive, in nature,” wrote lawyers for the Education Law Center, the Newark-based group that represented the districts, in a communication to the districts yesterday.


  • NJ takes another step toward mandatory paid sick leave, angering business groups.
  • Bill to restore funding for NJ Urban Enterprise Zones advances in Assembly, Senate.
  • All you married people plotting crimes better watch yourselves now.
  • After emotional hearing, reluctant NJ Senate panel releases ‘Aid in Dying’ bill.
  • Much debated water-infrastructure bill passed by Assembly with little fanfare.
  • In case you were falsely accused of a crime, this should be good news to you.

    Atheist group HQd in NJ launches billboards across country

  • Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is to skip church! I’m too old for fairy tales.
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    1. John Witherspoon

      I’m not so sure Christie’s blowhard schtick plays well in New Jersey, to be honest.

      What people like about Christie is that he’s seen as an outsider. He doesn’t speak politician-speak and lots of people find that refreshing. He “tells it as it is” and has the benefit of a media market that only covers NJ if the news is shocking or controversial. Christie is good at being both.

    2. 12mileseastofTrenton

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