News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Dec. 29, 2014

Atlantic City mayor Don Guardian has a sign on his desk

  • “I Believe in Miracles.” The Inquirer talks to the optimistic mayor, who is cutting city services like mad.
  • AC would like 2014 to go away now.

    Authors of a non-assertive plan to “reform” Port Authority endorsed by Christie/Cuomo – instead of the assertive plan backed by both parties, in both houses of both state legislatures, vetoed by both governors –  say some stuff to make it look like there will eventually be forward movement

  • Residents of both states, particularly this one, should be furious.

  • Moran: Why Christie and Cuomo kneecapped reform of Port Authority.
  • And in that ‘plan’ Christie/Cuomo favor? PATH could be targeted for privatization, service reduction.
  • Fulop slams PATH privatization option, likens it to ARC tunnel killing.
  • PA reform could start now, or later. And Christie/Cuomo chose later. Record editorial.

    In Washington, simply avoiding failure is now an accomplishment

  • Herb Jackson reviews the low expectation game.


  • Bush leads Christie by 10 points in new 2016 poll. Ruh-roh.


  • Even in red states, anti-Obama governors have to admit Obamacare is working, and they’re reconsidering Medicaid expansion. And Christie? Ledger editorial board says this: Give this much to Gov. Chris Christie: He was never crazy enough to leave these billions of dollars on the table to make a political statement. He took the money, and while the expansion has been slowed by Sandy-like incompetence, it has provided coverage to about 300,000 people who lacked it. And it has reduced state spending on charity care for hospitals.
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    1. sayitaintso

      ummm… did you read your own post about ARC?

      We can talk about why he left certain billions on the table to make a political point,  and not others.

      But we can hardly say he hasn’t done it.

    2. deciminyan

      “While there are a number of findings and recommendation in the report by the Port Authority’s task force that I can embrace, such as having a professional transportation expert serve as the executive director, a return to its core mission of transportation facilities and projects that serve the two states and following through on a new midtown bus terminal, I must take issue with my good friend John Degnan’s claim that the bipartisan reform legislation passed overwhelmingly by four houses of two state legislatures is only ‘tinkering around the edges.’

      “Mr. Degnan is wrong on this assertion.

      “The vetoed bill, sponsored by my Bergen County colleagues Senator Robert Gordon and Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle and co-sponsored by me and Republican Assemblywoman Amy Handlin, did much more to provide real reform and to protect the public from the bad practices of the Port Authority.

      “The reform legislation would have provided for a systemic overhaul of the Port Authority by imposing comprehensive standards for accountability, producing the first major bi-state reform of the authority in memory.  It not only required transparency and fiduciary responsibility, it would have the Legislature hold public hearings where the Port Authority would have to explain its plans and actions for the future.

      “This is a lot more than ‘tinkering.’ It would put into law in both states requirements for full transparency and accountability, as well as implementing real and lasting reform. The task force report will not have the force of law behind it and everything in the report could still be done if the legislation was signed into law.

      “The failure to sign the reform legislation was an act of cynical manipulation from the same two governors who secretly conspired to increase PA tolls three years ago at the same time they pretended to be concerned about the cost to motorists. In fact, there is nothing in the task force report to require more transparency and public accountability on toll hikes in the future. And, while I have faith that Chairman Degnan will continue to try to improve operations and actions at the Port Authority, he won’t be chairman forever, which is another reason we need to enact laws to prevent abuses from happening again in the future.

      “The task force report should not be used as a reason or excuse for vetoing the bills. The report should be used as a complement to the legislation so that all future Port Authority personnel act responsibly and the authority operates with accountability and transparency. That is what is needed to restore credibility so the public we all represent can have confidence in the Port Authority’s future.”



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