News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Dec. 1, 2014

This is what you get to do if you make public schools your private (privatized) playground

  • Surprise, surprise: Mary Pat Christie’s cousin gets a lucrative job in Camden schools. She doesn’t get to keep it though, and why is an interesting story. Bob Braun’s got the story.

    If New Jersey is a police state, it’s being heavily armed with freebie military weapons designed for war

  • Both Sen. Nia Gill and ACLU-NJ are speaking out about this: A lot of heavy heavy firepower went to many NJ police departments, both big and small.

    Kean U. student petition seeks president’s firing over $219,000 conference table

  • And why didn’t we think of the @KUTable219k parody account?

    A cruise with … Mayor Ras Baraka?

  • Women for Ras Baraka want to organize one, but he hasn’t said yes to that yet.


  • Why won’t Gov. Christie disclose his travel expenses? NJ Watchdog’s Mark Lagerkvist is on it.
  • How Christie is viewed by Americans.
  • Dustin Racioppi susses out a revealing fact about Christie’s RGA fundraising. He raised record-setting money, but with far fewer donors, compared to 4 years ago with roughly the same number of seats were up. Far fewer donors writing much bigger checks.  And in NJ? nearly a dozen contributors were firms that received millions in contracts with the state last year.
  • A top GOP fundraiser Christie may need for 2016 is unhappy with Christie’s dune program, saying it violates several core Republican principles, including private property rights and fiscal restraint. He and his neighbors have their own plan, and seek exemptions.

    Jersey money

  • Return to private-sector fix to save AC?

  • Moody’s Investor Services: NJ kicked in just 28¢ for every needed $1 in 2013.


  • In NJ Senate today: vote on a bill requiring early voting to be available in at least 3 locations/county 15 days before a general election. Christie vetoed previous early voting bill.
  • End is coming for the dreaded red-light cameras.
  • Want the state to do away with the mandatory public vote before a town privatizes its water system? Sen. Paul Sarlo does, and the NJ ratepayer advocate says his bill’s seriously flawed.
  • Bill to require NJ prisons to limit inmate solitary confinement.

    Jackson: Unions may sway Keystone XL pipeline vote

  • Organized labor vs. the environment, the divide within the progressive coalition,” says Jeff Tittel.

    Bill weaves Sting’s new Broadway show into a discussion of NJ economics

  • “The only life we’ve known is in the shipyard,” about the loss of manufacturing and of bedrock New Jersey industries.


  • Star-Ledger weighs in on Hillary, whose NJ fundraisers are already on high alert. They’d like to see her have some competition, and they have a Dem in mind.  
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    1. deciminyan

      According to Matt Friedman’s reporting, Christie vetoed the previous early voting bill because of the cost. Yet, last year, the same Christie was quick to call a special election three weeks prior to the general election, just so that he wouldn’t have to share the ballot with Cory Booker. Cost to the taxpayers: $12 million.


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