Eric Garner no-indictment decision draws massive protests all over U.S. and actions in New Jersey

Tonight, in New York City, Dallas, Baltimore, Washington DC., Boston, Minneapolis, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco,  Oakland there were massive protests, and streets and bridges shut down in protest of the grand jury decisions not to indict police officers involved in the deaths of #EricGarner in Staten Island and #MikeBrown in Ferguson.

You can debate the tactic, whether street action is the most effective agent of change. I would argue that when you see tens of thousands of people have seen something so awful happen that the must step out on the streets and raise their voices, something is going on, and they are demanding attention be paid. There are a lot of young people helping to drive this, and Twitter is among the ways word is spreading. Today, in recognition of Twitter’s role, this was painted onto a wall at Twitter HQ. @CoryBooker also used Twitter to call for federal investigation into Garner’s death.

Here is some of what happened in New Jersey today in response to the Mike Brown and Eric Garner no-indictment decisions:

  • In Newark they were mourning Brown and Garner, but also local residents killed by law enforcement in Essex County, like Abdul Kamal and Jose Quinonez were. With protesters tonight were local officials, including Assemblywoman Grace Spencer and Essex County Freeholder Wayne Richardson, who counseled participants to keep their anger “channeled and focused” and Amini Baraka, mother of Newark Mayor Ras Baraka.
  • At Rutgers-Camden students protested the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner with a die-in on campus (photos)
  • At Georgian Court University in Ocean County students and faculty gathered outside with candles to talk. Yanira Brown, 20 and a student, was moved to tears, happy to see the turnout.
  • At Princeton University hundreds of students streamed out of class at exactly 11:30am, chanting “Black lives matter!”, “Hands up, don’t shoot!” and “We can’t breathe!” There was a moment of silence, for “thousands, millions of black bodies imprisoned in silence, imprisoned in death, imprisoned in their own blackness by the American racial state,” as voiced by senior Khallid Love, followed by a 45-minute die-in outside.

    Are there New Jersey protests today that I missed? Please let me know with a comment.

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