Bush Announces Run!Christie Now Must jump in



Bush is in. Christie must now head him off at the pass.

Within 4 weeks Christie will announce his run for President. Shortly after he will resign as Governor.

A primary for NJ Governor will be held the first Tuesday in June.    

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  1. marshwren

    Jebby did not make a formal announcement of his candidacy; he’s just tossed the pack of newshounds in the M$M a bone to chew on for the next news cycle (it might even be too early in the week and be forgotten by the time the network producers make their bookings for the Sunday talk shows).

    In politics as in theater, timing is everything–and Christie, having been “exonerated” by the Special Committee and still rehabbing his slightly-tarnished image with the M$M, has no particular reason to rush to an announcement.  

    So much better to sit back, act presidential by pretending to be governor; and let the rest of the clowns tumble from the clown car of candidates one-by-one, enjoy their five nano-seconds of undying devotion with the ADD GOP base, wait a few minutes for that to fade, and pick a more opportune moment to go dramatic.  If he’s running at all, he won’t announce it this year.  And by then, he may be overtaken by other events.

    Besides, however delicious it would be to have him declare in four weeks, only to be upstaged the next day by a string of crony/staff indictments, it ain’t gonna happen (the announcement, but the indictments might).

    You really do have to learn how to chill…

  2. 12mileseastofTrenton

    nationwide.  He knows he can’t win the nomination, especially with Bush in.


    I don’t believe he will run.  Especially if grand jury indictments are handed down next month.

  3. marshwren

    by my original remarks:  Christie won’t be making any hat-in-the-ring announcements for a long, long time, if ever.

    Again, Jebby has NOT made an official announcement; he just teased the M$M for one news-cycle’s worth of headlines.  Period.    In fact, basically all he said was that he was thinking about considering the possibility of maybe running…and nothing more.

    Next, Christie is learning the hard way that he’s a much better fund raiser for others than he is for himself at the national level; and he hasn’t exactly endeared himself to at least one of the more important donors:  Sheldon Adelson.  And his primary benefactors–the Koch’s–will abandon him at the first sign of weakness…say, the impending release of Fishman’s grand jury indictments, possibly before you say the window of opportunity closes on Christie, less than four weeks from now.

    Third, Christie is probably among the weakest of candidates for the nomination–a distant fifth in Iowa polls; maybe third or fourth in New Hampshire, and probably sixth or seventh in South Caroline–the first three ‘national’ contests.  If he fails to place in the top three in these states, his party’s over, and he can slink back to Jersey with his tail between his legs to turn out the light on his grander ambitions (which by that time may be reduced to staying out of jail).

    Fourth, Christie wouldn’t carry a single state in the greater North East, least of all New Jersey.  And by the time primary/caucus silly season begins, his rivals will be picking apart his failed governorship with critiques almost identical to those Barbara Buono used last year, and with exponentially greater effect.

    And finally, for now, let’s return to Jebby, who isn’t as squeeky clean or saintly as advertised.  Among the larger pieces of luggage in his baggage train are 1) helping steal Florida’s Electoral Votes for his big bro’ in E2K; 2) a too-clever-by-half immigration policy that alienates the xenophobic GOP base without attracting any support from Hispanics; 3) his role in shoving charter schools down the state’s throat*   http://www.miaminewtimes.com/2…  4) this:  http://thinkprogress.org/elect

    *money quote:  

    It’s like a perverse science experiment, using disabled school kids as lab rats and funded by nine figures in taxpayer cash: Dole out millions to anybody calling himself an educator. Don’t regulate curriculum or even visit campuses to see where the money is going.

    For optimal results, do this in Florida, America’s fraud capital.

    Now watch all the different ways the flimflam men scramble for the cash.


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