News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, Nov. 28, 2014

Quick roundup today. If I missed something you’re reading, shoot us a link in comments. And as always this is an open thread for whatever’s on your mind.

Even more towns line up against controversial Pilgrim oil pipeline

  • This week, Woodbridge, Chatham borough, Pequannock and Bloomingdale all passed resolutions opposing or declining to endorse the pipeline, which would bring Bakken crude oil obtained through hydraulic fracturing from Albany to a refinery in Linden.

    A conspiracy to deprive teachers of their rights

  • Bob Braun: The evidence of collusion between Christie and Cami Anderson is strong and borders on-if not crosses the border into- a conspiracy to deprive teachers of their civil rights. Of course, no prosecutor in NN, state or federal, has the chutzpah to conduct an investigation.

    Former N.J. congressional candidate Cho considers rematch against Garrett

  • Via the Auditor: Cho was well-funded and a strong candidate. He lost, along with a long line of fellow Dems. But Cho’s effort was well-regarded by Democrats, leading many to speculate that the campaign against Garrett – his first ever – won’t be his last.

    Editorial: Gov. Christie’s resistance to pig crates ban makes N.J. the punchline yet again

  • Via Trenton Times: “And here we thought Christie’s first allegiance was to the people of the state he governs. Pardon our naiveté.”
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    1. Joebluejersey11

       Its time for Jason Castle for Congress, if not then Freeholder. He was robbed last time by the machine, now it is time to buck the machine and go with Progressive long time Community Activist Jason Castle.

      Attached is an excellent Bill Orr piece all about long time Community Activist Jason Castle.

      Everyone thought that Castle was only using the Memorial Day speech for political gain, but that was not true. While Castle did become an elected official soon afterwards, there is no way he used the Memorial Day speech for political gain. nope..

      In order for Progressives to win, they need to be consistent and go with Jason Castle. for Congress,,, or Assembly Johnson spot, or the empty Freeholder spot.


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