News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, Nov. 14, 2014

Politico: Chris Christie’s temperament spooks Wall Street

  • Top GOP donors still see the New Jersey governor as a risky investment.


  • Good post from Stile on the #economyFAILs complicating Christie’s 2016 ambitions.
  • Oh … so maybe THIS is why Christie says he won’t give up his day job if he runs.
  • Katz: How Christie Will Rely on Mouth, Money & Moxie To Run For President.

    Will the Democrats – N.J. & U.S. – find their soul again?

  • Does this party have the cojones that the real, substantive work will take?

    Cami Anderson, fearful, and ducking Newark parents and students – even in Washington, D.C.

  • Braun:Cami Anderson: A national embarrassment.
  • Cami Anderson has Newark parents & students thrown out of a speech at a right-wing D.C. think tank.
  • After Anderson flees the room, Newark students tell her panel what’s really up in Newark.

    Jersey Jazzman (Mark Weber) at NJ Spotlight

  • Was it something we said about Garden State’s charter schools?

    Deciminyan is back, baybee

  • Partisanship:

    Partisanship: The Schrödinger’s Cat of #NJAssembly


  • Is Do AC done?The Atlantic City Alliance – the $30 million-a-year, casino funded, legislatively mandated marketing organization – appears headed for extinction.
  • Online help for NJ’s uninsured,just in time for open enrollment. From the state? Nope, from advocates for New Jersey’s health.


  • NJ Assembly passes assisted suicide bill.
  • 125,000 signatures, collected by twin girls, 17, in support of more humane treatment of pigs.
  • Couple of pieces of legislation arising out of the politically-motivated Bridgegate scandal.
  • Assembly approves measure to squash Christie’s changes to public employee rules.
  • Backlash by kids, parents among obstacles to later start to classes.
  • Christie signs bill requiring hospitals to teach family how to care for discharged patients.
  • Christie suggests changes to bill to ban unsolicited text messages.

    ‘Sopranos’ family gets together as James Gandolfini is inducted into N.J. Hall of Fame

  • Lovely.

    What did I miss, Blue Jersey? What are you reading?

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